Attention Artisan Keycap Makers: A request for Mito's Godspeed Keycaps

Hello everyone, As I patiently wait for @MiTo 's Godspeed MT3 set, an idea for a artisan keycap has been brewing in my mind for awhile now. This idea is an image from my childhood... it respresents the natural sense of wonder and curiosity found in human nature, why mankind strives to reach for the stars, why we hope to discover if we are not truly alone in the universe. That idea is, The Face on Mars.
The Face on Mars
"The Face on Mars" was captured by the Viking I in orbit of a region of Mars called Cydonia in 1976. While scientists dismissed it as a "trick of light and shadow," it's appearance stoked the fires of imagination in many a young mind. Was it the last vestiges of a ancient temple from a long dead martian civilization? Was it a sign that we're not alone? I distinctly remember an episode of Unsolved Mysteries in 1989 that pondered such mysteries around this picture. As it turns out, we got our answer in 2001 when higher resolution photos and data were acquired in this region by the Mars Global Surveyor.
Somewhat disappointingly, it seems like it really was just a trick of light and shadow all along. But the memory of the mystery still strikes me as powerful. To see the unknown and thus struck with that sense of wonder, of hope, of determination to find out more of the universe and ourselves.... these were all elements often felt when one looked at that picture of the Face on Mars. And it's those same emotions that put man on the moon... and hopefully, too, will put someone on Mars itself one day. That Face on Mars is us.... it's our mirror reflection into a future where we've set off into the stars. And this is why, I propose to you the community, the idea of a Face on Mars artisan keycap. I don't know any artisan studios well enough to approach with this idea. What do you guys think? Do you think it would fit in with @MiTo 's Goodspeed MT3 Apollo/Ares keycap set? Do you have other suggestions? Let me know. -Starius


Feb 13, 2019
Love it.