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Damaged item return from UK?

Ordered some Sennheiser HD58x which started processing quickly and efficiently. It wasn't until they arrived in the UK and got into the hand of the UK courier (Yodel) that things went wrong. Won't go into details but loads of misinformation/lies from Yodel meant parcel was received days late. It seems the package hasn't been treated well in this time. Unsealed, damaged to both outer and inner box, airpocket packaging all burst and flat, headphones marked and also right hand cable pins are bent due to the impact. Have emailed CS requesting a return (as Yodel weren't interested in me pursuing things via them). Question is regarding customs duty - if I return these headphones, does that get refunded in some way or will I loos that (£32 approx?)

A very disheartening thing when something like this happens, especially when the at-fault party seems to feel they can wash their hands of responsibility. I think a customer support specialist at either Massdrop or Sennheiser might have the best knowledge for options going forward.
Have you tried emailing Massdrop CS to figure this out?
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