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New to the community, need some earbud advice.

I am by no means an audiophile, just an appreciator or music. I currently have a pair of 1more triple drivers, but they are dying. To replace them, I’ve been looking at the mee px, the mee planamic and the nuforce EDC3. Which of these would you recommend both in value and in sound signiture. I like a relativly flat frequency respond with a slight bass boost, similar to that of the 1more triple drivers. Which would be most similar?
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You've gotten great advice here from knowledgeable people. Jay and EV are solid resources. If you haven't already purchased, I'd humbly put forward an additional option for you that sounds most like your desired signature of any IEM that I own (which includes the Triple Driver and the PX, among many others). The Etymotic ER3XR is my newest addition and is fabulous. I didn't think I would find something that could so easily dethrone the PX as my favorite, but after a couple weeks of listening, it definitely has. It drops here intermittently, at around $150, but is worth every penny. The only thing to know is that they insert more deeply than typical, so they take some adjusting (the foam tips, which I use, are the least intrusive).
The Planamic would be the furthest away from your preferred signature. They're pretty dark and without EQ, are a mess FR wise due to that rise at 4k hz and that sharp drop after. It's pretty jarring to these ears. They're also quite power hungry but they do produce a very clean , undistorted sound so ymmv but that is the consensus thus far. Between the PX and EDC3 is a toss-up. Neither of which I would call flat, but the EDC3 gets much closer than the PX. It's pretty unoffensive and plays it safe tuning wise. They're not bad, just a little boring sounding and rolled off up top. But, they aren't peaky ever and smooth no matter what's playing. They have good ergonomics and accessories as well too. Personally, I really enjoy the PX the most amongst the three. It has a mid bass hump similar to Sennheiser but has some energy up top to give you some shimmer and sparkle from instruments. They also have a good build quality and accessories and can be worn up or down. However, they're the heaviest of the group and are also power hungry. They'll sound ok out of a phone but with an amp/DAC or DAP you'll be rewarded with their true potential. They also have triple flanges (my weird preference) so for me they have the best isolation due to this. Normally, I'd say they're a bit bass light but only compared to the Planamic which is definitely tilted to the lows. The EDC3 comes in last in regards to the lows but they are the most linear overall, for better or worse. Honestly, the PX matches the 1More the most out of the group but with more energy up top. I'd also vote them the best from ergonomics, accessories, and build but they're also power hungry so watch out for that if you end up with them. I have all 3 and had the 1More's ages ago and the PX is the only one I regularly listen to. I gave the EDC3 to the wife and the Planamic I'm selling off. And while not perfect, the PX hits a lot of sweet spots for a good price. Just my .02 cents.
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No problem. Happy to help 👍
Sorry don't have any personal experience with those particular sets. From what I've seen in the reviews and the comments the PX or the EDC3 would be more in line with your desired sound signature. The mee planamic seems to be warmer with more rolled off treble based on reviews. Of the IEM's I own the Sony MDR-7550 probably fits that bill best. Extremely extended bass, not much of a boost relative to mids but definitely to high treble. Those tend to run in the 200-ish ballpark and may not be ideal if isolation is a key concerns (they are vented enclosures).
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They seem to have similar overall tonality from the frequency response and reviews I've seen. The PX being a little less neutral than the EDC3 and having more treble presence but less mid-range presence. The difference may come down to your preferred driver type and sensitivity. The PX use a dynamic driver (similar to traditional speakers and most headphones), the EDC3 uses balanced armature drivers (originally designed for hearing aids). The biggest difference in these types of technologies tends to be the way in which they present bass. The dynamic drivers tend to have a fuller if less controlled bass note. Balanced armature drivers tend to be more controlled but may lack the "thump" that some people look for. Also keep in mind that the PX is much less sensitive than the EDC3. If you use an LG phone (with Quad DAC) then neither is a concern. If you are using a Samsung phone it may be more of a point of differentiation. Either IEM should work well with a DAP.
sweet, thanks so much for the help!!
Thank you sir for pointing some knowledgeable individuals in my direction. Much appreciated!!
Anytime, my friend.