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All About That Bass

I’ve ranked my HPs by the ability to dig deep. See pic (from L toR). C’mon y’all...whatcha got?
1) Fostex TR TX00 2) ZMF Aeolus 3) Sennheiser HD 6XX 4) Mr. Speakers AFO 5) Kennerton Magister Pro
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Nobody giving the shp9500 mods any love?! Go closed back mod and enjoy this profile. :D
This is beautiful. Invite me over for a listening party.
Beyer DT1770 Pro, Fostex TH 900, Fostex T20, Argon MK3
For me: 1) Campfire Cascade - Underappreciated and not talked enough about. Great low-end response while not losing clarity. Most of the time, don't need EQ to get stupid bass from these. With just a bit added in the sub-bass region, these are cheek/tooth rattlers while still maintaining most of their resolution. Just too much damn fun when the mood strikes. 2) Campfire Atlas - Yes, for an IEM, they hit so hard. Tons of sub-bass goodness. With EQ, it feels like my eyeballs are vibrating. It's intense. 3) TR-X00 Ebony's - Extends very well for certain tracks but lacks the oomph of the TH900 so my opinion of them are a bit skewed despite liking them more overall to the TH900. EQ on these are fun but muddies up everything else to not be feasible all the time. 4) Focal Elegia - Nice extension and clean, but lacks quantity unless EQ'd. Luckily, they respond well to EQ and can shake your cheeks nicely. 5) AudioQuest Nightowl - Very similar to the Elegia, good extension and clean lows, just lacks that added oomph without EQ. Can also turn your cheeks to jelly with little effort. Ranker lower as the Elegia have better technicalities overall by comparison. Super fun song for testing those lows I like to use: Three Ralphs - DJ Shadow
Fostex TH900 had bass quality and quantity, if TX00 anything likes it, i would pick that. Mrspeaker is not known for heavy bass, the aeon does seem to have a bit more than Ether line, but the refinement is not up to 100% Ether line (from what I read)
If it's just bass you're looking for JVC sz2000, its like having a woofer on your ears.
I only actually own 2 headphones, so this is easy.
  1. Audeze LCD-3
  2. Sennheiser HD 6XX
That being said, if you asked me about all headphones I have full impressions on, I think the best quality bass I heard had to be out of a system which had a Fostex TH-900. Note though that system was more "fun" than accurate (not necessarily a bad thing; I thoroughly enjoyed it)
When I get a moment I will throw out some comparisons... I won't be going through all 31 pairs however.
Sorry Ladies & Gents, been on the road a lot recently. Looking at the following for a comparison: HE500 Pro900 TH-X00 (MH) Audeze Sine Maybe the SoundMagic HP150 althought I don't pull that guy out much anymore. If anyone is intersted in Elex, DT990, T1 Gen1, HD650, sr325e or any IEM's let me know... don't feel like clogging up the thread with a list of all 31 pairs but own various Beyer, Sennheiser, Grado, Ultrasone, Hifiman, Sony amongst others.
kind of pointless if you dont post your source gear
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STAX of course is on it's own different setup, but all the others are compared from a single dynamic/planar rig setup. My e-stat rig is laptop running FOOBAR ->RME ADI-2 DAC -> NAD C275BEE stereo amp -> Mjolnir Audio SRD-7 electrostatic transformer -> e-stats My dynamic/planar rig is laptop running FOOBAR -> Schiit EITR -> Gustard X20U DAC -> Schiit Loki (bypassed for all these headphones)-> modded Gustard H10 amp (thermal mods & Burson V6 Vivid single/Classic dual opamps (2 of each used) -> headphones
I hear ya. My intent wasn’t to start a pointless post :). I’m inviting others to A/B their HPs (by rank & file) according to their own perception of their headphones sound signature...with the low end being the targeted focus. I finally had the time to do so and was suprised by what I heard. This sparked the post. Bring whatever you’ve’s your party. I used a WA8 this example...but I’ve found my HPs to be fairly consistent when contrasted against other HPs in tonal quality (no matter the amp/source). I’m aware that an amp ‘may’ color the sound....but the tuning of the HP doesn’t change dramatically...particularly with solid state amps. Albeit I’m sure others will disagree...& that’s ok. For example...the Fostex TR X00 HPs pack a pretty mean matter what I connect ‘em to in my experience. I have an Oppo 205, a Headamp Gilmore MK2, & naim Atom. If there’s enough headroom on tap...they (headphones) all boogie across the dance floor. The Fostex reign on the low end when constrasted against ‘others’ in my HP stable. The HPs pictured are ALL great HPs...each having quality bass in a unique well as other dynamic qualities...the Fostex’s just dig deeper...even when I switch between amps. I don’t know that listing my gear adds any real value to the intent of comparing your own headphones bass signature from your own source of choice. I figured those inclined to try...will undoubtedly rank their headphones through their own sources...whatever it may No matter our’s a good way to appreciate what you have on hand...and enjoy the differences, similarities & everything in between when listening to’s all good.
For bass, I have 4 favorites, which are my STAX SR-404 Limiteds, modded Fostex/Massdrop TH-X00 Purplehearts (Lawton driver damping and Jmoney V3 leather pads w/ custom attenuator), Modhouse Argon MkIII (ZMF lambskin pads), and Koss/Massdrop Porta Pro X with Yaxi pads. Overall favorite for bass is the STAX 404 Limited, which is run on a dedicated custom Estat rig (RME ADI-2 DAC, NAD C275BEE stereo amp, and Mjolnir Audio SRD-7 e-stat transformer.) Other headphones I have are a Sennheiser/Massdrop HD58X, modded Philips SHP9500 (Shure 1840 pads with custom attenuators, modded Monoprice M1060 (Audeze LCD microfiber pads, custom grilles), Audeze Mobius, B&O H7, Koss KPH30i, and modded STAX SR-L300 Limited (L700 pads and headband). How I feel my 4 favorite bass headphones rank with each other: Extension (first 3 are fairly close... bigger difference between 3 & 4 than 1-3) 1. SR-404 Limiteds 2. Argon Mk III 3. TH-X00 Purplehearts 4. Porta Pros w/ Yaxi pads Subbass Impact 1. TH-X00 Purplehearts (biodyna impact > anything else I've heard) 2. Porta Pros w/ Yaxi pads 3. SR-404 Limiteds 4. Argon Mk III Midbass Punch (all are fairly close actually... no big disparity) 1. Argon Mk III 2. SR-404 Limiteds 3. Porta Pros w/ Yaxi pads 4. TH-X00 Purplehearts Speed/Detail 1. SR-404 Limiteds (well beyond the others... Estats are a completely different level.) 2. Argon Mk III (noticeably beyond TH-X00) 3. TH-X00 Purplehearts 4. Porta Pros w/ Yaxi pads Here's group photo:
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Favorite would be the STAX SR-404 Limited, but unfortunately the left driver is basically now dead so, I will have to see if it is possible to fix. I have the STAX SR-L300 Limited (L700 clone), but it's not as special sounding though technically is unquestionably the best performing headphone I have. Next to the 404 Limited, my favorites would be the Argon Mk3 and TH-X00 Purplehearts... Purplehearts for subbass experience and Argons for overall experience of music with the best balance of detail, speed, warmth, punch, and impact.
Ha ha, great to see the little PortaPro taking on the big boys, love those things. The KSC75 drivers with Yaxi Pads (in a PortaPro headband) sound great too.