Just had my BGVP DMG's today, tested it with stock tips, nozzle and cables. I was expecting based on all reviews and hype I read that the bass was really good right out from the box and comparing it to my Ibasso IT01 which I really love. My initial reviews on this is it has a natural flat and clear sound with some boost on the treble side. I notice a bit of sibilance whenever I hear vocals and cymbals on the drums, it is noticeable compared to IT01 which has less treble but more focused on sub bass. I'm still adjusting this new flat and clear sounding signature but overall these are awesome value for the money IEM's. I used the gold nozzle and replaced the stock tips with spinfit cp145 and there it is, I found the sound I want.

Mar 8, 2019
Based on what I've been reading lately, I strongly suspect that something is amiss with the latest production run of both the BGVP DMG's & the DM6's. It's obvious that they've ramped up production in order to meet the demand. Is QC suffering? Have they changed the internal components? Have they made conscious adjustments to the frequency response? All I know is that the more recent sound descriptions are nowhere near my 2018 production DMG's. If anything, my DMG's have too much bass & most definitely are not sibilant in the least! I haven't heard the IBasso's so I don't have that point of reference. I do have IEM's that are better though.