Aug 16, 2017

Integrated Amp recommendations?

I received the TEAC AI-101DA back in early May. It was shipped with a euro power cord. The cord has still not been replaced (mid-August now) and the right channel has started dropping out. If I wiggle the speaker terminals, the right channel comes back and is usually fine. At this point I am returning the unit. Any suggestions for a replacement? I listen to both headphones and non-powered desktop speakers, so an integrated amp (speaker outputs) with DAC is what I'm after. Any recommendations in the $200 range appreciated. TIA

thanks for the recommendations. I've got a couple of older full-sized integrated amps hanging around, but I like the smaller size of the TEAC - sits right under my monitor. I thought I paid about $200 for it on Massdrop so was thinking there would be a number of other options.
Slightly out of your budget: emotiva a-100 basx
Not a lot of options with that budget. Look at SMSL offerings would be my best advice. It's double budget but this would be my recommendation if you were willing to save...