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Best headphones $400 and under

Basically what the title says. I want to jump into mid-fi headphones as i have the 58x right now. Any suggestions? the one I got was the TH-X00, but I'm always looking into suggestions!
rastus and Megazine

As an owner of 3 TH-X00's and a Denon AH-D2000, I say forego the TH-X00 and consider the Modhouse Argon Mk3 instead. It's better in ALL technical areas other than subbass impact and will perfectly compliment the HD58X. Yet it's not a boring analytical headphone like many other planars... has warmth, fullness, darkness, and a soul to it, like the TH-X00 does (though it's not dark like the Argon). It's a headphone that edges in on the upper end Mid-fi/lower end of Hi-fi, falling nicely between an TH-X00 and STAX Lambda spectrum - but closer to the STAX end of things. Soundstage is much wider than either the HD58X or TH-X00 with equivalent imaging... it games and movies VERY well. Use the money saved from not going with the much more expensive TH-X00/TR-X00 and have it go towards a decent amp to properly power the Argon Mk3... once you you have a decent amp to power the Argon you will also have it for any future higher end headphones.
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Many thanks for your explanation but can i run the argons on magni 3 or liquid spark ?
Either should be okay, very decent power @ 50 ohms for both.
Verum One?
I would say the TX-00 which checks off the most boxes, but others may disagree. The TX-00 isn't just good, but they are outstanding for classic rock, EDM, and hip-hop because of their deep impactful bass. Second, anime focuses on mids for its dialogue: TX-00 produces pretty accurate mids, and as a bonus offers excellent detail for sound-effects. For gaming, it's its weakest point, since soundstage isn't so wide. I personally don't own any headphones at that price range that can check off that many items for what you need. If you can find another can that checks off soundstage as well, and performs just as good or near as good, you should go for it; I'll be keeping an eye on this thread since I'm curious to know as well.
that makes me so confused some people say argons are better some says x00 are better this hobby is so exusting
I should add that I love gaming and anime OSTs, metal, hip-hop, classic rock, and EDM. I have a micca o2 for my dac/amp.
I also have the HD58X and a Micca OriGen G2. My roommate owns the mahogany TH-X00. The HD58X is more analytical in sound. The Fostex has lots of bass, you can feel the rumble when the bass is going
though the TH-X00 have a super narrow soundstage which would not work well with gaming. I would suggest the Philips fidelio x2, ATH A990Z from Audio technica or the Monolith m1060. This are all quite easy to drive with the most hardest being the Monolith m1060 at 50 ohms.