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Why Majority of Mouse Designs Fail Part 3 - False Anticipatory Habits (Originally posted on

Before we talk about mouse, let's first talk about shoes, as analogy, of course. Analogy between two different categories of products can be very inaccurate, and in the eyes of most untrained minds often makes little to no sense. But, I'll be talking about this regardless, because it's more art than science.  So let's begin: I don't know what brands of shoes you wear, or preferred price range. In fact, those things matter very little to me. When I shop for shoes, there are only 3 things I look for:  1) Size ( L, W, H / Slants angles, differentiated layers etc) 2) Weight ( balanced and unbalanced, still and motion etc)  3) Comfort ( taking consideration of size & weight, flexibility, friction, unintended usage percentage, materials etc)  As a shoe designer, there are 9 things he must consider.   1) Size 2) Weight 3) Comfort  sorry, i'll stop here for now...   Ok, you see what I just did? I just broke your anticipatory trend of thinking . You really thought I was going to talk about shoes for half an hour there...for a minute... I did this only to suggest to you a common form of.... ANTICIPATION.  I'm no expert with shoes, I wear the same pair of sandals made by Crocs 4 seasons a year.  And that's my reality, what you just perceived is my.... HABIT Here's where things went wrong: Anticipation is dependent and often restrained by old habits. Back in our hunters / gatherers days, this was necessary and had kept us alive.  But... take a small look into nature, and you'll see no butterfly goes back to its caterpillar ways of living once they were given... wings I digressed... Today, society beckons a new design, and with it, new sets of usage possibilities to help us master this century's over powered personal computers.  This new design is called Right 'Bove Touch, known as the RBT mouse. RBT design lets you rest fingertips on the buttons instead of hovering over them like the old mouse.  RBT design lets your hand discover your own optimal clicking locations ranging from fingertips down to the knuckles.  RBT design makes your wrist flat and moves with ease.  RBT design lets your elbow drop, shoulders relaxed, neck flexible, and headaches gone.  RBT - Right 'Bove Touch is here... NOW  With Right 'Bove Touch, you too, will fly    I will continue writing on this another day QK


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