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AK240 IEM pairings

I have been enjoying the Meze 12 Classics as my daily driver for several years now. (Bought them because of the 99 Classics, which still make me melt). I recently nabbed the Planamics, too, and despite all the controversy over their sound sig, I've mostly enjoyed them. (Mostly with electronic music). But, I think I've decided that I've heard all I can heard from them; plus, the fit/comfort is just not quite what I want. For my DAP, I was lucky enough to grab an AK240 Blue Note Edition -- so, yeah... I need a pair that will do justice to the phenomenal guts in this beast. (Not that the 12 Classics don't sound incredible w/ the AK240 -- they most certainly do -- but they also have a very distinct sound signature; I now find myself craving something a bit more neutral since I listen to so many different genres, often with everything on shuffle until/unless I find an album I want to dive into). So then. Suggestions? Recommendations? Any fellow AK240 users who have some favorite pairings? (And please bear in mind: I am a music lover first, audiophile second. I don't have the time, energy or money to be constantly swapping different stuff. I just want something well-made, preferably not Chi-Fi, with that "next level" sound. I'm not afraid to spend a bit more, but I think ~$1,000 is my current ceiling). Discuss!

Jul 11, 2020
Have really enjoyed the AudioFly AF180 paired with the AK240. Great dynamics...both neutral and natural sounding. A much less expensive pairing that seems to work well, too, is with the TFZ No.3 IEMs...excellent clarity and (for the price) a big soundstage.
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