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What are some recommended studio quality closed back headphones between $200-300? (Not including audio-technica)

I'm looking for a closed back pair of headphones to use alongside a pair of HD 6XX's, and am looking for any particular options in the aforementioned price range. Looking for something outside of the ATH-M70x's or any audio technica product in general (Nothing against AT, just looking for more options)

Mar 27, 2019
Be sure, but T60 and T50 are not closed back headphones. I have them both and even proper closed back Argon Mk3 (look under my profile pictures) For closed back at this price range can be considered Monoprice Monolyth 1060c, but it is more for listening.
Mar 27, 2019
The T60RP, Beyerdynamic DT770, the venerable Sony MDRV6, Shure SRH840... This is all assuming you're actually using them for studio work.
Made a quick video showing off the physical noise. Pardon the background hum of my server rack.

Mar 28, 2019
Thanks for the vid
Try looking into the Fostex T50RP MKIII or one of those variants. The Beyerdynamic DT series is also worth looking at
Mar 27, 2019
Keep in mind that the T50RP MKIII (T30/T40 and all Fostex derived variants using OEM jacks as well) have a history of headphone jack failures. They sound awesome for single ended cans, but the jack used to hook the cable to the cans is well known for failing. The locking mechanism is nice, but it doesn't fully protect the jack from lateral stresses. A year or so of *hard* use will cause the jack to start having intermittent connections with the TRS plug. If you're prone to getting your headphone cable tangled or snagged, you'll most likely see this problem. Even with that complaint, they're very worth the price. The sound is amazing and they're cheaper than the T60RP (which doesn't have the jack problem, but has its own problems). Don't sound as good, but eh, price versus performance.
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