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Bluetooth Stereo receiver/amp

I am trying to kill two birds with one stone here. In lieu of buying a separate headphone amp is there a bluetooth/stereo amp/receiver that will power a pair of 300-600 ohm headphone effectively? I'd like to keep the cost to around $500. Does this item exist?

Apr 15, 2019
For my HD6XX, I got myself a Topping D10 DAC and paired it with a Nobsound NS-08 tube headphone amp from Amazon (Be sure to replace the stock tubes with a pair of NOS GE 5-star 6688 tubes. Best to upgrade the NS-08 opamp to a dual LM4562NA opamp for about US$4.00.). Total cost : less than US$200. A better DAC option would be the Topping D30 which costs just a few dollars more than the D10. You won't regret this set-up. :)
On the other thread you started, some of the options I listed will do it but not for $500. That budget is a little low for the things you are looking for and not have to make compromises on one aspect or another. Are you going to be using the built in amp for your speakers or are you using a standalone amplifier? What speakers are you going to be driving with this?
If you don't need a DAC, the iFi xCAN is a Bluetooth amp and probably your best bet when it comes to powering high impedance cans. I have the xDSD (Bluetooth amp/DAC) that works well with all my cans and IEMs and haven't noticed needing more power, personally.
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