Apr 6, 2019

Add Mexico to your shipping list

Hello. Will you in the near future add Mexico to your delivery countries? We will be more than happy to buy products from you guys. Thank you.

James Taylor tried to ship a box to Mexico once, and even wrote a song about it: Way down there, you feel uneasy to ship Feel a fool, sending your stateside goods Stole your stuff, left the box behind, baby Jane   Oh, Mexico I tried to send a box, but it sure didn’t show The clothes on top didn’t fool the thief, so I guess I’ll have to say no.   Americano sent the pricy box But his stuff all got stolen by some sly fox Sleazy senorita sold his stuff, half off   Oh, Mexico It sounds so sweet, but my stuff didn’t show The Federales said I should have known I guess I’ll have to say no.
Thanks. Appreciate the answer.