Drop SHIFT Mechanical Keyboard
Apr 23, 201917617 views

Introducing the SHIFT Mechanical Keyboard

The final prototypes have been approved—and they look downright dapper, if we may say so ourselves. Made with a sleek aluminum case, the Drop SHIFT mechanical keyboard allows you to customize the backlighting, layout, and feel. With dye-subbed PBT keycaps and your choice of switches, it’s ready for anything, whether you use it for gaming, programming, or cranking out emails. We hope you’re as delighted with it as we are!
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is this hot-swappable or nah?
Hells yeah.
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Is there a way to buy just the original caps of SHIFT/CTRL/ALT? I've been looking everywhere and failed to find it.
I can hook you up my dude. Reach out to me at sies.phone@gmail.com
Looks like the upcoming new steel series worth 200 bucks is much more worth it. A hundred million clicks! ADJUSTABLE ACTUATION POINTS! Mass Drop better pay attention to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEI9kPgX7O4
lloks amazing, very compact, the keyboard i would love to try and have
How can I buy?
i hope the pcb doesnt double tap like it does on the ctrl. really liked the ctrl but the double tapping was insanely annoying
Honestly, if this exact keyboard had a standard looking layout, I wouldnt hesitate a second. Its the perfect keyboard, I love all the features: aluminum case, detachable USB-C cable, mechanical switches, RGB. Only the layout is keeping me from buying it. Ive been looking for a 100% layout keyboard with a metal case and mechanical switches for a long time
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detachable cable is a must for me, since i like taking the keyboard on my sofa and the constant cable movement wrecks the cables faster than hulk does black widow
I’ve said the same thing. I don’t think they could keep a normal keyboard stocked if they made it with these features.
The space between the Function keys and the keys below seems overly large as the right side has been compressed to save space. It sort of looks like the right has been squashed but not the top. I do like the different greys though.
that's where I'd put my pencil :-)
I’ll wait to see if Massdrop releases a keyboard with a standard layout with removable switches. I’ve been wanting one of those since before Massdrop was a thing. However I want a standard full sized keyboard that is silver or white, not the mini’s we’ve been seeing. With legs on the back to make it into higher profile if need be. Also any good keyboard needs a wrist rest preferably attachable which prevents it from moving. Anyone who games or uses a keyboard at a commercial, or professional gaming level knows this. Especially after they’ve been to the hospital for wrist damage. To me build quality is everything. RGB lighting is just a nice addition. I’ve been using Corsair for a long time largely because of the build quality, wrist rest and anti ghosting. If Massdrop can produce a keyboard with modular switches with these features I will be happy to change over but until then it just isn’t enough. The wrist rest and regular layout is a make or break for me.
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You sound like a ad for massdrop, ahem sorry drop. Like massdrop and shipping times i fail to trust anything you say because like i said you sound like a shill for massdrop or at least a huge tool. I bet your home is stuffed full of ikea and sharper image,lol
Nope. No Ikea and sure as fuck no sharper image. Next time you call someone a shill for Massdrop, you should probably check the comment history of that user, where you would see me roasting the shit out of this company for months for how they’ve been mishandling customers. That doesn’t change the fact that their keyboards are rock solid compared to Corsair shit. Thanks for playing though. The only huge tool in this comment thread is you, so here’s your gold star. ⭐️
It’s that yummy ugly , loved the ctrl excited to get this under my hands
Oh boy do I love this design that requires you to be skinnier than a Silicon Valley Instagram developer to be able to use it without your wrists being bent nearly in half. Are you guys using an Autodesk Eagle free license and can't make a wider board due to size restrictions?
Can you just give us the ALT high profile back? This profile looks hideous.
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Cool. Can I sell you my vanilla ALT once I pick up the high profile ALT?
Why don’t they ever make full-size versions of these keyboards? This is the first one they offered with a number pad but the entire right side looks like when you run out of room on an envelope. I almost joined but I’m still holding out hope they decide to make one full-size, otherwise I’ll probably look at a Ducky One2 or something.
Ugly is the new sexy and I love it. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Seriously, that's top notch.
Interested in a high profile version, so I'm going to hold out.
Love it
I have looked at this repeatedly and cannot get over the poor design and spacing choice. I prefer the alt high profile board design and may be extend that to a 75% layout with Fn row and try not to add so much space every where.. I might as well get a regular full size board for so much space every where.. disappointed! Poor layout and looking bad! MD can do better for sure!
Uncomfortable layout
ugliest i have seen. lol
Looks like we have been heard :D
Yeah, the 10-key pad is must have for me, but I'm not in love with the cramped 1800 layout. Would still like to see a real full-size version. Call it the WIN. And yes, a Mac-compatible version please.
Mac version?
They really don't want your money. I keep ordering cap sets from other places and make a mac version myself.
A fellow man of culture.
Hehe that pic needs to be less blurry. Maybe my browser sucks.
Your browser sucks.
Im conflicted. Its a drop keyboard with a number pad, but the layout is hideous imo. >.<
Looks like there should be enough space on there for the mythical second row of function keys. Then again, I'm not familiar with the 1800 layout yet.
Honestly, bring back the 70s and 80s with their weird layouts.