Drop SHIFT Mechanical Keyboard
May 23, 20198899 views

We're Redesigning the SHIFT Based on Your Feedback

Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the discussion of our SHIFT mechanical keyboard. We've received lots of responses around the design and layout—and we value each and every comment. With your feedback, we’ve decided to make some important changes to the keyboard. The new, more compact SHIFT will have the following changes made to it: 1. We’re removing the second row of keys from the numpad cluster. This allows the function row and the top row of the numpad cluster to be pulled down closer to the alpha cluster. It will also match the distance found on the CTRL and other, similar TKL keyboards. As a side benefit, people with smaller hands can more easily reach the F row. 2. We’re adding an additional 1u (delete) key to the function cluster. As a result of this addition, the F1–F12 keys will be shifted. This change results in a more easily accessible delete key and a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing look. 3. We’re adding three RGB indicator lights for the Caps Lock, Numlock, and Scroll Lock functions. The addition of these lights will create a more uniform LED pattern, which is especially important on boards with larger layouts. In addition, the lighting change is a slight throwback to indicators found on more traditional keyboards with the 1800 layout. We can’t thank you enough for all of your valuable input. This is what Drop is all about! We hope you’re as happy with the changes as we are, and we’ll continue to implement your feedback as best we can on other products, too. We’ll also be extending this launch until June 12th to give everybody a chance to pick one up after the changes. For more context, see the following threads: https://drop.com/buy/drop-shift-mechanical-keyboard/talk/2425149
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what about improvements on the legs? or are they still going to be easily knocked off?
Taken care of.

thank you!!
Now ‘all’ that needs to be done is removal of the 10-key with “important” additional function keys placed in a vertical column to fill out the “snuggled in” arrow keys. There are so many 10-keys that can be purchased these days and it’s almost always just “extra space” on a keyboard with low utilization. (I’ve had no interest in TK keyboards for over 2 decades now.) Also maybe add a split-key space, to make the keyboard stand out more than just another mechanical KB clone.. At least it isn’t so buttonous as the first design.
Can you please add a volume wheel control as well..
Oof, probably won't happen, but I too love a volume wheel.
I think a volume control is very handy. This keyboard is great, but a volume control would have been a great option. I couldn’t find a keyboard which is hot swappable with a volume control.
Looks amazing but I have to hold for the inevitable high profile b/c unfortunately I just can't stand that skeletal look
There's only one thing I need left now... HIGH PROFILEEEEEE
I just looked closely. Aren't the right Alt and Fn 1.5u instead of 1.25u? Isn't this gonna make it hard to change the keycaps? Those aren't standard sizes.
That's why they're offering those keycap sets currently (dev tty, canvas, red samurai).
I would love to see this quality in an ergonomic layout. Unfortunately ergonomic keyboards tend to be bulky and/or expensive and/or low quality (pick any 2)
This looks pretty NOICE!!
@ Everyone asking for a high profile version We're seeing high profile for the CTRL and ALT so it only stands to reason we'll get one for SHIFT as well. Kudos to (Mass)Drop for catering to everyone.
So... removing the functional keys from the numpad? Why even bother with it and just make yet another TKL? Or do I have it wrong here and I can still use the pad for equations in CAD programs?
Good on you guys for looking at the comments and making changes. Getting rid of the gap up top was priority 1 and you guys did it!
Awesome that it has a numpad but, with how the arrow keys are bulging down and the 0 key on the numpad not being full size and the insert home and similar buttons being on the top row it looks kinda cramped to me. I know you guys want a small footprint but I'd rather have a true full size with traditional layout.
Yep, some of us use our keyboards for work and need all the keys of a traditional full-sized keyboard. Still hoping Drop will drop one for us soon!
All the tweaks look good and I definitely think this is a great keyboard but still hope that drop will make a traditional full size keyboard particularly if it had a scroll wheel and a few macros keys like the K95 platinum I could really get behind that. Also please give us a wrist rest with them or at least an optional extra for one, I know that you can get third party ones but I can't be the only one who prefers to have ones made specifically for the keyboard
I did not see any changes on the keyboard in this post LOL
Please tell me you just forgot to add that you're making it high-profile. I was fine with everything about the keyboard save the low-profile. It just looks and feels cheap when you put a full-sized board in low-profile. I've yet to see one that looks or feels pleasant. Since you're taking the time for the redesign, please make this an option! I get that it's more expensive, but it seems like the most common complaint in these threads. High profile is the way to go here, the gaps will look odd without it. Much appreciation, you guys are awesome for taking community feedback seriously! I didn't expect to get an update today, and will happily make my purchase of a high-profile SHIFT board in high-profile!
Are you backporting improvements to the CTLR and ALT? Like the better feet?
Much better but still that bulge from the Arrows key will trigger my OCD. I guess i will have to wait until the Aurora96 or even better RGB version comes back for sale
Has the PCB been set up to allow use of PCB mount switches when hotswapping now? As I understand it, this just meant two holes needed to be added for the posts those kind come with and then they could be used just as well as plate mount switches.
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Sure but even better if they add holes for it since it makes the switches even more solid.
Plate-mount switches don't need to be "more solid"; that's what the plate is for.
Make it high profile and my money is yours.
THIS!!! Definitely in for a high profile version of this. Even GMMK made a low profile and I'm just waiting for a highprofile now... already have the alt low, and not a big fan of seeing the switches even if it's a easy clean
Certainly an improved design and aesthetically pleasing. The right alt and fn key on the bottom row, are they non standard? I wish MD kept the alt keyboard layout plus other keys because except for the right shift all keys were standard i think.. Maybe there will be a 75% in the future based on the alt high profile compact design.. I also wish that MD would start with high profile board instead of low profiles.. Most custom key caps looks good on high profile imho but it's subjective i guess.
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Thanks for the response.
Any options to have the Left Ctrl key adjacent to the A as per the original TTY layout and all? pre-Microsoft ASCII keyboards? And maybe turn the relatively useless Caps Lock into a relatively useful Compose key?
You can do that using QMK for the function and many custom keysets for the actual key..
Thanks, Chuck. Any specific pointers on where to get the custom keyset that's appropriate (sorry if this is a dumb question)
Big improvement.
I was thinking of getting the new Asus keyboard for RGB unity sake, but I can throw that out of window for that godly compactness!
high profile
Turkish version?
How about an ISO variant? I'd love to buy this, but the lack of keys that are absolutely vital for my locale is a dealbreaker.
Ok, I do like it now
I went from disappointment to impressed. I will absolutely buy now.
If we do this we lose insert, pause, and scroll lock. While I personally don't use those, there are programs in which they are needed and just deleting them will cause issues. Why not just lower the F keys to this placement (and add the del) without ditching any keys? Is there some rule that the F-key MUST align with the other keys?
All of those keys are still present. They have simply been moved to the function layer. By default: Insert will be mapped to Fn + Delete. Print Screen will be mapped to Fn + Page Up Scroll Lock will be mapped to Fn + Page Down