Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban Selvage Denim
Apr 24, 2019199 views

18 Months Later

A year and a half ago, we set out to make a great pair of jeans that would only get better with age. Now, we’re back to report on the fading you can expect to see after this amount of time. While everyone’s jeans will break in differently depending on how (and how often) they’re worn, this serves as an example for anyone who’s curious about the way denim can wear over time. You’ll notice the indigo dye has begun to bleed and fade at stress points like the knees and pockets. The denim has also softened considerably from its original stiffness into a super-comfortable pair of jeans that fit their owner like a glove.
Duncan and 1 other

What is the reason for having the inseam a 34.5 on every pair