Massdrop: Previews of What's Next

How many times have you discovered a new Drop that you really want but can no longer afford because you already emptied your wallet on one or more previous Drops?
You might also be undecided about a current Drop because you would rather spend your money on another item, but you have no knowledge of whether or not there will be a Drop on the item you want anytime soon.
With these issues in mind, should Massdrop announce previews of Drops that are planned? If so, how much advance notice would you suggest?

Jan 12, 2019
I need to buy a watch in the next 6 months, and it is a big purchase, maybe $2k, so if a 4-6 month preview window were possible this would really help my big planning. For household items the preview timeline is not as important. Thanks.
Aug 16, 2016
Hell yeah
Aug 14, 2016
We've actually had some drops announced previously. I remember the first WhiteFox drop was announced ahead and initially limited to ... 150 or 350 items I think. That was fun :)
Anyway, I am totally for a schedule of upcoming drops. Keycap drops seem to be quite feasible and also the most important candidates for this.
Aug 10, 2016
If a schedule isn't possible, perhaps at least a chronology without specific times attached as we're all aware that schedules can change based on various circumstances. There are keycap sets, for example, that had all information, pricing, and various graphics submitted but are sitting in limbo with no word on if they're going to run let alone when. At least knowing you're 'on the list' so to speak would be helpful.
Jul 21, 2016
Even if the upcoming notices were just estimates (i.e. late August, early September) that would be super helpful.
Jul 21, 2016
I see comments here and other forums asking for this feature. As a Massdrop member, my purchases are well informed and I've run into the undecided issue multiple times. Clearly - previews of future drops should be based on the pricing. A month would be great... but for a line of drops like the TH-X00 headphones, I would like to know the plan of the line so I could make a decision without buyer's remorse.
Jul 17, 2016
Yes also with email notification
Jul 17, 2016
Really just like @Makami stated, I really don't see the need for transparency as to how polling works. I rather have a clear "schedule" or "calendar" to show what's to come in the upcoming months.
Seriously, if that's even possible like for every drop in a fortnight earlier, then, it's already the greatest improvement ever for the site since this discussion tab is created.
Really, I mean we often have to wait months for items we bought here and missing some drop could mean yet a few months' wait hoping for that rerun. Sometimes, never seeing those again makes it a very disappointing experience for new MKB enthusiasts.
And by those items I mean "Exclusive/Limited" Keysets from SP/GMK.
Hey guys, these are definitely great suggestions and something I'd love to do.
But with the nature of setting up drops - things can be quite fluid and drops I thought would happen might not last minute due to issues.
On the other hand, there are drops (keycap sets for example), where I do have visibility months into the future. I'll sync with the team and see how we can best present these future upcoming drops to the community.
Polls are an interesting thing on the site. If you check it out and sort it by popularity. You'll see votes for Corsairs, Razers, and keycap sets that we don't necessarily have the rights to run. We usually do our best to negotiate and get items that are popular on polls. But just because we want it doesn't mean the vendors want to work with us.
I do think the polls are awesome for surfacing new products and new ideas - but it's definitely hard to take polls at face value. For example - there is over 1.6k votes for Nordic Pok3r. But judging by the sales of Nordic kit from keycap drops. I'd think we would be hard pressed to sell even 50 Nordic Pok3rs.
Jul 12, 2016
Mass drop seams to be working well with Signature Plastics, and while people are able to do community driven orders from them, the process is a bit opaque for most of us. The "poll to market" model seams to work very well there, but maybe you could improve the visibility of what orders are scheduled and processed (same goes for Planck and other small manufactures). It is nice that there you have a factory ready to do the communities requests and they physics of the process requires a long time to market. SP needs a steady pipeline and the community needs a clear plan on what to order. As for other products, well, I don't know. Half the fun is guessing what your going to do I think. The more I think about it, the more I think you really can't show to many of your cards, I'll quite going to your site so often if I knew that products come out at 3:00 on Thursdays and I already know what is on the list.
Jul 11, 2016
This would be a great idea! I would say preview it for a month since i get paid monthly but im biased like that :P
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