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NOOB HELP: keyboards and custom keys

Hi, first time delving into the mech keys. Pretty confused searching this community so I'm looking for some help. I see all these "custom mech key sets/caps", do these keys fit on any mech keyboard, or do you need to buy one that it is compatible with? also, how do you know what keyboards are compatible to swap keys out and do most mech keyboards support key swapping.
TLDR: I'm looking to buy a mech keyboard and key sets, but which keyboard supports swapping keys

Sep 9, 2017
most keys here are Cherry MX compatible, that is on the bottom of the key there is a plus sign hole, the key switch has to match the key. cherry is by far the most popular mount followed by alps
Sep 7, 2017
Try giving this a read:
The bottom line is that many different boards support different layouts, and different keysets can be needed to cover non-standard layouts. Any "standard" layout should only need the alphas and modifiers to cover, with a numpad kit if it's a full sized board.
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