Another great review for the PecanPi Streamer

more_vert "The PecanPi sits within an attractive price point and at that price it offers plenty: impressive sonic abilities being top of the list. Specifically, an attractive blend of dynamic force, rich imagery and layered detail. A bit of a bargain, then." and "I then played Looking for a Home, two guys and two guitars or, more accurately, Kevin Greeninger & Dayan Kai at 24bit/192kHz. The string manipulation from the guitars was impressive as was the silence sitting behind the pair: the contrast set up a soundstage heavy with emotion from this serious song. The sense of clarity was also excellent as the PecanPi took advantage of the superior sound source file while the imagery that set the singers and their instruments on the soundstage was excellent. Even the bass-infused foot stomps from the guys, keeping a beat, were easily heard here. The sense of tonal balance allowed me to increase the gain without having my ears bitten off." and "If anything, DSD output (despite the non-native processing) was the most impressive file output across the entire sound test as inherent noise was very low. Small and subtle details were able to flow easily from the rear of the mix and the 3D structure around the stereo image added layers and a busy, almost market square feel to the song which seemed packed with people and instruments. A party atmosphere, if you will. Harmonicas here, acoustic guitars there, an accordion, mandolin, 57 varieties of percussion but throughout the PecanPi allowed this detail to reach the ear unimpeded."



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