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Best IEMs around the 50USD mark excl. shipping

Hey peeps! I've recently started ordering random pieces around that 50 bucks price point in order to figure out which one I like the best, and I need some recommendations for extra pairs. Reason behind this price point is that I believe that this is a good price for something that I could replace yearly if it ever breaks down. I mostly listen to EDM/Rap and Hip Hop and some Rock and Alternative. Going to be using it purely through my phone (Oneplus 6) Right now I own the following: Vsonic VSD3S with the non removable cable Vsonic VSD3Si non removable cable with inline mic (sadly, not the same sound quality as the previous) KZ AS10 Tanchjim Cora Tin T2 Right now, my favorite is the KZ AS10, though I didn't get to listen to the Tins yet (got the VSD3Si, Cora and T2 during the same week and I'm taking my time testing each of them before and after burn in during my daily routines), however they are not comfortable for me and I'd need another cable to replace the one they come with (would love some suggestions if you have any). I've already been recommended the Zero Audio DX210-CB, thinking of ordering these next week. Any suggestions? Thanks!

May 8, 2019
Honestly, based on your music preference, would you be willing to raise your price point another $10 to grab the Nuforce EDC? They are bass monsters that are extremely comfy and have great sound quality.
May 9, 2019
Just ordered them, hope they arrive soon :) Thanks for the recommendation!
May 9, 2019
FireChargeOh awesome! Im happy i was able to help!
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