Drop + Koss GMR-54X-ISO Gaming Headset
May 10, 20198053 views

We’re Working With Koss on a Gaming Headset!

Audiophiles are no strangers to Koss. After all, the Wisconsin-based company has been at the forefront of audio innovation since developing the world’s first stereo headphone in 1958. Over the years, we’ve sold many of Koss’s flagship headphones and worked with the company extensively to create a few collaborations of our own. However, we’ve never entertained the idea of working together to create a gaming headset—until now. Koss is known for its affordable, high-quality audio gear. Our goal with this project is to make a performance-driven headset that won’t break the bank and can still be used in a professional setting. Based on the Koss GMR-540-ISO gaming headset, our version will seamlessly transition from the game room to the office to the streets. It will have all the functionality of a PC and console gaming headset, with a look you can wear out and about. As far as tuning, we’re not reinventing the wheel. Like the original, our closed-back gaming headset will deliver positional cues to help you hear enemies from all directions. When listening to music, you’ll get a fun, punchy sound that does your favorite tracks justice. What’s more, the headset features a splitter and a boom mic with a new volume/mute switch for on-the-fly adjustments. The headset will be available for preorder on May 16, 2019. We hope you're as thrilled with it as we are!
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I'm not sure about the lack of USB to be honest - seems to be less versatile - especially when believe it or not, I game in a VM - Gasp!
But USB sound quality would depend on the USB DAC, and typical USB headsets don't really have much of one.
Volume box looks incredibly cheap and bulky. They always seem to fail before the wire. I find that concerning when the mic is permanently affixed to the cable.
Go wireless or don’t bother. I have tried many wired headphones for gaming and while I love the sound quality I HATE the wires and the restricted head movement. Most have cables that are too short but others go with cables that are so long they get tangled up in the chair legs. What I would like to see is a wireless based headphone to a base station that can be cables to the sound cards built in sound jacks. This would be a huge step up from the USB approach used by most wireless headsets now. The problem with Bluetooth speakers and sound cards is they just can’t produce at sufficient sound levels to enhance the game experience. So some sort of hybrid approach is what’s really needed here. Just saying.
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i have to disagree, not once my hyperx flight got connection interrupted. not once did anyone who has those sick wireless headphones had issues, not once did the big Shroud had issues with them (oh yes he is a god in fps games, that says something), again guys, we are past the bullshit, wireless tech if used by a good company, will outperform your standard wires!!! if we want the best of the best, don't cheap out on the wireless tech, also don't be greedy cunts, its not that expensive to produce, my $60 G305 outperforms ANY wired mouse out there! im sorry, but audiopedo or whatever you call it is a money grabbing bullshit, fostex sell headphones which should cost max $200 for the fancy stuff while they sell the same tech in plastic for $150. if those headphones will go above $200, thats just a scam to rip off people on here. gamers want value for money, and the value nowadays was never so fricking good on cheap shit. right now i have a $100 keyboard that outperforms the stupid super expensive ALT/SHIFT board that sells here for $200??! for what? stop ripping off gamers, i wish drop was a normal place like before when it started, but i didn't spend a dime on here since they became stuck up snobs who sell fancy shit that isn't worth it. wanna build good shit, don't put alien prices on it, that's not alien tech!
Alright guys. Let's keep the conversations, debate, and discussion about wired vs. wireless civil. To prevent further escalation, I am locking the thread. Have a great day everyone!
Perfect finally a cheap yet great sounding entry level headset! What I find interesting though is the promo material shows the headset in more office/ general use scenarios than gaming (which admittedly is probably its main use even though the name includes "gaming")
You should be working with Koss on putting MMCX connectors into the KSC75 and PortaPros.
Are you serious??????
The PC37X is sublime. Just be sure to notify us if you ever stop selling them.
How much and when does the drop end?
You can pre-order the headphones for $40 until June 14th. https://drop.com/buy/drop-x-koss-gmr-54x-iso-gaming-headset
I'd be great if we could also buy just the cable with mic attached, maybe it'd fit on other headphones like M50x (anyone could confirm that?).
I have a 545 (also a Senn PC350). The Koss, unfortunately are too small. The earpiece, like many of Koss' new lines, just doesn't cover my ear. Even less forgivable, the elastic tension on the headband is aggressive enough that it pulls the pad up deep behind my ear lobe. Combine with the plastic, non breathable, pads and my several hour Diablo 3 sessions chatting on these produced a huge cyst behind my ear in the first week. . . painful, gross and unable to listen to circumaurals while it healed :( I REALLY hope that MD has made some adjustments to the form factor on these. I love Koss, but these cans literally injured me.
The statement of "functionality of a PC and console gaming headset, with a look you can wear out and about. " makes me nervous. Gamers don't really care about how the headset looks... Have you seen gamer headsets? If it doesn't have different pads from the stock 540 and you guys just make it all black, this going to be a no from me dawg.
You need to make an open back gaming headset. There are already plenty of closed back headsets out there.
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I’m a big fan of the PC37X, use it daily for gaming, conference calls, and usually its nearby and handy for any other listening I want to do. Honestly, I didn’t know Koss made gaming headsets, and it’s interesting to consider a closed Koss headset. Will it look like the above photo, with the suspension headband and brace-thingies on the earcup?
GRM-545-Air are the Open Back version of these. These things are cheap at $60 (list) but you can usually find them on sale for $50. Haven't played with either of these, but from the reviews I've read it seems like these are decent for the price. Some Mic and Pad complaints, so hopefully Massdrop addressed that.