May 12, 2019

Massdrop x NuForce IEMs

I brought these earphones back in December 2018. They are amazing (really they are). Just recently one of the ear tips came off and broke (I don't know how this happened) I though I could just buy replacement ear tips. Does anyone know if there is any way to buy replacement tips for these IEMs?

Cheers mate
Hi Masha. I’ve spoken to Nuforce several times and it appears they will not sell you replacement tips. They directed me to Comply which sells foam aftermarket tips. I don’t personally care for them but they’re well reviewed on Amazon. I love the Nuforce buds but am unimpressed with their customer support.
I have been very pleased with my Nuforce Primo 8s
There are silicon replacements everywhere online. "IEM silicon tips" "replacement silicon earbuds". I don't think the inner diameter will vary much with these tips. Either way, it's silicon and will stretch