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Do not Order Audiophile products unless you are in the US

I recently ordered the Aune X7S amplifier. Was really looking forward to receiving it despite having to pay almost 1/3 more than the Drop price to import it into the UK. Well I received it today and it was inoperable. It would have been dangerous to power it on. On informing Drop (formerly Massdrop) of the condition they said it "was not covered by warranty" despite being a new device and that all they could do was offer a refund without the import taxes. Net result I had to eat 30% of the original cost. OK so the Aune X7S is only $180, so I ate $60. But if I had ordered something in the $1,000 range I would have eaten $300+ for a product that does not work and is dangerous. This is totally unacceptable on any level. I expected more from Drop but was literally dropped in it. Just very poor. Very disappointed.

May 29, 2019
I think this disappointed come as the quality come pb. Agree with you . should have more thing to do for this kind thing . like share half of tax with refund or give one more new . or you can contact with the supplier who launch this model . I think every company is take cherish of every seed customer.
May 27, 2019
What do you expect them to do? Get into a situation where they are responsible for the custom fees of dozens of other countries? What other company, which ships international, does that? Does Amazon? It's a risk you take when ordering from overseas. It's a risk that I have been aware of for a long time, because it's kind of obvious (to me at least). It's something that any rational and informed consumer takes into consideration before putting down cash for the order.
Comparing Amazon to Drop/Massdrop is kind of laughable given the size difference. Based on web evaluations Drop is around 100-200 employees and 55 million in revenue. Amazon has 647,500 employees and a $178 billion in revenues. The latter can certainly afford to eat some fees in the name of customer service.
Jun 6, 2019
ElectronicVicesCompletely agree. That said, Drop have now resolved the issue for me and thereby have restored happiness to a customer. Even a relatively small business is capable of decent customer service. Thank you Drop/Massdrop!
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