May 28, 2019

Good quality switchers?

Anyone know of some well built input and output switchers? I have my computer, record player and Bluetooth receiver for inputs and have speakers and different headphones for outputs. Right now I just unplug and replug, which isn't terrible, but I was curious if anyone has found a better way to swap between sources for their setups.

I use a Mackie Big Knob passive, it allows for two inputs and outputs. Other than the amazing volume knob, it allows you to run balanced TRRS 1/4 connectors, and has a mono function that's great for fine tuning speaker position.

With more than two sources going to need a bit more information on what gear you currently use 1) Speakers powered or passive? 2) Any headphones amps or are you running your headphones directly off the mobo? 3) Do you listen to the record player on both speakers and headphones or just one of those? The "best" solution would more than likely be a pre-amp with that many ins and outs but depending on how you are currently using them you might be able to get away with splitter cables.
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I have an HK3390 receiver (stereo) that I've had success running as a pre-amp. It would allow you to run your sources via RCA in (BT Receiver, TT, DAC). The pre-outs would go to your speakers and the Tape out to your HP amp Usually around 150 on Ebay
I'll have to check that out, thanks!