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Audiophile Custom Products DAC & Amp Update 9/18/2017

Hey Everybody,
UPDATES about our new Amp & DAC line as of 9/18/2017.
Some good news…we are working to add the 3.5mm output to the SDAC in the CTH+SDAC. The 3.5mm output will be next to the microUSB input jack. You may use a 3.5mm to RCA cable for output. So, there is no pass-through on the CTH+SDAC but you can now get a line-out from the SDAC.
Massdrop O2+SDAC
We’re announcing this combo today and launching on 9/21 for 10 days. Just like the previous O2+ODAC that we used to sell, we’ll have this in the same chassis as before.
The line-up that is currently available:
· Massdrop x Grace Design Standard DAC
· Massdrop O2+SDAC
· Massdrop x Cavalli Tube Hybrid
· Massdrop CTH+SDAC
· Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X
Rest of the year:
· Massdrop LCX+SDAC is in progress but not yet developed. (No guarantees, hopefully in 2017.)
· No other Cavalli amps planned in 2017.
· Massdrop Objective 2 amplifier in 2017.
· Liquid Crimson not planned for 2017, but thank you for the requests.
· Might be another amp or two this year but not a Cavalli.
When we kicked things off with the Massdrop x Cavalli Tube Hybrid, we hinted at stackability and ventilation for digital combos. We’ve been working on these products as quickly as possible to finish everything before the Chinese New Year break. As timing turned out, we’ll have 5 overlapping products available this month plus we allowed movement to one of these new products if you purchased the CTH.
With our platform and model…we develop the products and then close the drops to handle the production. In order to do this as quickly as possible, we’ll be closing the above drops on 9/30/2017 and getting to work building them. The goals for this line-up are simple. To bring the community the best designs as affordably as possible.
For various reasons, we’ll not always telegraph what we’re up to…but this quantity of launches in a short period of time leads us to share what are trying to accomplish and try to make it a bit easier for you. Hope you enjoy the new choices!

Dec 3, 2018
I also noticed that i am unable to drive the SDAC part of the amp with my iPhone 7+ nor my iPad, i get a message saying the output current not enough to feed the device attached (DAC) so i am using an iFi iUSB3.0 micro to that effect. This as information purposes only I will try next week with an INNUOS Streamer, and see if that has enough power to drive the DAC.
Dec 3, 2018
Hey Cee-Tee, I bought the CTH+S a few days ago and in the process of burning it in properly. i noticed that my fairly easy to drive HifiMan Sundara is not properly driven by this amp, the amp sounds very good to tone, clarity, the mids are very natural, liquid even, the 6922 does a great job at that. Also the tube socket seems incredibly tense and tight, to the point one can easity bend a tube pin just by putting it in, also noticed that i need to excert a fairly high amount of pressure to have the tube seat in the tube socket. Volume seems adequate at 75 to 100% of volume pot, but you can tell is not being properly driven for an even frequency range, its forcing the amp and stressing it. Any suggestions? Could i have a faulty unit?
Dec 3, 2018
GonzaHi Gonza, In thinking about your insertion of the tube into the socket, I am wondering if your pins are in the metal bracket holes or if they may have somehow gotten lodged between the metal bracket and the ceramic insulator. It should be a bit firm for good connection but not as difficult as your description seems to suggest... 75-100% of the volume pot for Sundara seems like a lot. When you say it does not have an even frequency range, has the tonality of the headphone changed? If the amp is "stressed" and at the limits, it should be tripping protective circuitry and turning the LED red. We may need to know more and then I can ask Alex for some thoughts or see what other information is needed to troubleshoot. Have you used with any other headphones? Do any other headphones require the volume pot to be so high on the dial? Sensitivity is 94dB for the headphones, do you think you prefer to listen louder than others or not that loud?
Dec 3, 2018
CEE_TEEThanks Cee_Tee for the prompt reply; about the volume, the amps seems very stressed when trying to drive the Sundara properly, no red lights no porotection, units doesn't even get passing warm, not hot at all . . . i can even touch the tube for about 6 to 10 seconds while operating for over an hour. About the pin tube socket force: i ahve been a tube fan for over 20 years, had more than my share of tubed preamps, DAC's, Amplifiers Integrated. an avid tube roller and used to the normal force especially in a new components with new sockets, this is a lot more force than i'm used to use, also i'm a little scared of tube rolling for this single 6922 as some f my 6922 types are very valuable, i have some pairs of CCA's, Amperex WHite Label 7308's and 6922's. Also some real bugle boy 6DJ8's, you understand . . . I can easily drive the Sundara with the headphone amp jack out of a iFi stereo 50 (on loan from a friend), and when reading the reviews of many people recommending the CTH+S for the Senn's HD650 and teh drops' own HD6XX, i've figured SUndaras 37 Ohm and 94dB/mW spec should be a walk in the park . . . boy I was wrong. I need some help and don't know where to go, can you please point me in the right direction? I simply can't use this amp like that. Thanks for the help, Sincerely; Gonzalo
Jul 30, 2018
Would be nice to get an update. I'm in the market for an amp/dac
Feb 3, 2018
@CEE_TEE how about an update to this custom DACs and Amps post? ;-)
Oct 17, 2017
can someone write a post on how / which to choose for dummy?
Sep 22, 2017
I understand the balanced out on the CTH is single ended. But will there be a "balance" version on the product road map? (Like the xDuoo TA-20 balanced headphone amp) I don't notice much of these types of amps on the market
Sep 21, 2017
can i still order the Massdrop x Cavalli Tube Hybrid (without the sdac)?
no, since the drop is over. Same as if I canceled a drop after emailing customer service. They always make more than anticipated in case of defects and such but that doesn't free stock, because the stock isn't manufactured yet.
Sep 23, 2017
I have a CTH That I am likely to cancel. If you want to buy my spot, we can figure out a way to do that between us.
Sep 21, 2017
I was wondering if the LCX+SDAC will retain all of its inputs and outputs from the standard LCX, and how would the input selection work with these multiple inputs and SDAC?
Sep 21, 2017
Do you have any plan to work with Meridian?
I would be happy to see MQA capable Meridian Explorer 2 + O2 / CTH /LC combo (s)
Sep 21, 2017
Question about the LCX. Is it a Class A solid state?
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