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What Headphone Should I Get? (HD58X, HD 6XX, HE 4XX)

Hi everyone, I'm a big audio noob. I'm using Apple earbuds from years back and now I'm ready to buy my first pair of quality headphones. The headphones I'm currently considering are the HD 58X, HD 6XX, and HE 4XX. And no matter which one I choose, I will pair it up with the Massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/AMP.  I listen to dance/electronic, hiphop/rap, oldies, pop, rock, and soundtracks from time to time. I'll also use it for FPS gaming, but it's certainly not a priority (90% music, 10% gaming). I'm not a bass head, but I will definitely appreciate clear, punchy bass in my hiphop/rap music. Also, I would like headphones with good soundstage and imaging when I listen to music such as Queen or Bee Gees. Other than that, I can't say much since I don't have any reference points/experience with quality headphones. Personally, I would prefer to get a pair of headphones and be done. And lastly, to those who prefer HE 4XX/HD 6XX to the HD 58X, is the price difference worth it? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading!

I have all 3. There will be tradeoffs no matter what you choose, i think the 58x will give you a little more punch in the bass but soundstage is lacking, imaging is great for the price but not compared to higher end headphones. The 4xx has the best soundstage but i feel its lacking in detail on the highs and the bass wont thump. The 6xx are great but in my opinion work best with a tube like the darkvoice. They may be tge way to go if you plan to improve your amp in the future as they scale better than the others. If you arent planning an amo upgrade down the line my vote is the 58x. All of them will blow away the earbuds you are currently using.
Hi there, I'm aware that the HE 4XX has the best soundstage out of the 3, but is the difference really that significant to someone whose been using Apple earbuds for a long time? I don't have plans to improve my amp past the Massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/AMP price point. However, if the HD 6XX sounds much better than the HD 58X on it, I'll gladly drop another $60 for the HD 6XX. Thanks for your input!
In my opinion the soundstage isn't very important, for some people it is. And no I dont think the difference in soundstage between the 4xx and 6xx or 58x will blow you away. What will probably bother you is the lack of punch in the bass on the 6xx. The 6xx is glorious for mid range and very pleasant to listen to many types of music but with hip hop i generally reach for something else. I havent heard the 02 so i cant comment on which sounds better with that particular amp, but the 6xx is more amp dependant than the 58x.
Well, if you want sound stage the HD6XX and 58X our right out. Consider the K7XX.
Hi there, although I would enjoy a great soundstage, it's not the number one priority. Generally from what I've read, the K7XX has an amazing soundstage, but is lacking in other areas. Unfortunately, the K7XX didn't make it in my top 3.
Get the HD6XX as they are the smoothest and most musical out of the 3 u picked out, u can listen to music for hours and hours with no fatigue.
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Hi there, would you consider the smoothness and musicality edge of the HD 6XX justifies its price difference between the other two? Also, do you think I would get "punchier" bass with my DAC/AMP of choice? Many thanks!
the 58X will have a bit more punch but the 6XX will be better overall and at a 50$ more premium I think it’s worth it considering it used to be a 400$ + headphone when it came out years ago