Jun 14, 2019

Looking for a headphone/speaker amp combo for vinyl player

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a speaker amp that has a headphone out to use for my vinyl set up. I was looking at Emotivas Bass s a 100 but was wondering if there are any alternatives that may be competitive or even a cheaper alternative. I am using a Audio technica lp 120 turntable with Fluance speakers( no built in power). Thanks for the recommendations

Thanks for the input, gonna just wait and get the basx a100.
I have the Emotiva A-100 that I really like, driving Fostex TR50 and Monolith M560. Unless you need the additional power for the headphones, don't use the jumper because it introduces noise. I also use the RCA in/out pass-through to drive a Sonos Connect when playing records.
There are cheaper but I wouldn't put them in the same quality class. That's a very cheap integrated relative to it's performance.