Jun 27, 2019102 views

DAC for HD58X?

Currently using the HD58X with my motherboards output. It's supposedly decently powerful and I know the HD58X don't need a whole lot of power, But whats a good DAC for them? Budget is like $250. I'm new to DACs so be gentle.

I would suggest the Topping D50 if you want a very good DAC that doesn't go over your budget. It was originally $249 but it's on sale right now for $199 and if you get lucky with the discount in amazon it goes further to $179 which is how much I got mine for.. I spent another $100 for a JDS Atom and I am a happy camper.. Very clean sound with my HD58x.
You can also try dragonfly red/black or Centrance DacPort Slim which is amazing what they can deliver with their price tag. Its almost illegal.
If this is way beyond what you would want to spend.... You can consider the trustworthy O2+SDAC as well. Well within your budget, but need to wait until it becomes available again.
If I were you, I would spend that money on an Amp. SDac is good enough. You can also consider CTH with SDac combo unit.