The Pulse Project

First presented in 2014, the Pulse project was the first keycap set designed created by MiTo and it was one of the pioneers of the market for designer made high end keycap sets. Featuring vibrant cyan and black tones, combined with graphic novelties - the iconic logo by Nico Tzogalis, the project became a community classic and favorite throughout the years. Pulse was offered in three variations for the SA profile (R1, R2 and R3) and one for DSA profile (Legacy). In 2019 a custom mechanical keyboard was entirely designed after the keycap set - the Pulse High Profile CTRL. Impact of Pulse By 2014 custom keycap sets were difficult to come by, due to the high costs and high quantities required so that manufacturing could be considered. The Pulse keycap set was a result of community engagement & support. It inspired and set the bar for legendary projects that would come after - such as Carbon, Jukebox and many others. These projects helped shape the mechanical keyboard custom keycaps’ industry, brought thousands of new people to the hobby and put the mechanical keyboard communities in the radar of manufacturers and product designers, during the following years.

Oct 3, 2019
What case is that in the picture? Looks so nice! I wish the ALT would be more like that, without the edges sticking out, but still with the led strip around it.