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what the people saying of AUDIOSENSE T180.....


Here share my opinion upon AudioSense T180. Before I jump on to praise it and express how much i love it, I would declare that I have tried really hard in finding good cheap pairs as my daily drive. I have tried Tin t3, the DT6 . xiaomi and others. However I dumped all those after i listened to this unit. I bought a westone um1 on July 4th weekend to make a comparison. It is still on the way and I would like to share this review first. Instead of narrating its pros, I would compare it with tin t3. If you listen to the song "D-Grade Fuck Movie Jam" from "You know what " from The aristocrats, you would expect the beginning guitar power chords are harsh with tight response along with bass punching. T3 messed up totally loose sound texture. T180 did well. When the drum kicked in, you would expect the sound is from a larger sound stage. t180 positions it right. The clarity and accuracy are tune correctly and balanced. Wide sound stage surprised me. If keep listening, from 1:43, you can clearly listen the bass tone change to neck pickup as sound get more balanced mid. Enough accuracy and details revealed in 2:44 with three layers guitar are positioned in different spaces. The drum performance from 4:30-5:00 showed off how well this unit could handle dynamics. All above are pros. It is hard for me to pick one con. If force me to choose one. the only con is that it has only one drive which cause weak richness in picky range response. Personally I am super impressed by this unit. Thank you so much for Mr Luyi give the review of T180. Wish more people can get it to know how good of this IEMs.



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