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May 23, 2021
There is a factual (proven) difference in the sound of HD6XX compared with HD600 and HD650. The people who claim the HD6XX to be a rebrand of HD650 are full of it. The HD6XX is better than the HD650 and the HD600:
The HD 600 is tuned differently, more neutral to the ear than the HD 650 and HD 6XX. As I replied to @Aakshey , the HD 6XX are in fact HD 650 with a different color and different accessories. It’s not a rebrand, the HD 6XX is a special edition. This is confirmed by Sennheiser themselves, in an effort to prevent doubt and confusion. It does not benefit Sennheiser in any way to have customers buy the Drop edition with lower margin. It’s easy to see they measure within measurement seating variance and sample variance when comparing two fresh HD 650/6XX units: Rtings made an error in their conclusions; their claimed differences of clamp and slight bass difference are likely due to breaking in / wear on the headband and pads. Same for that Youtuber: you can see his pads look substantially flatter, but at least he’s listened to his headphones for a long time… hopefully he enjoyed them!
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