Portable DAC/AMP for IEM's

Hey guys, i need a portable dac/amp for my laptop. It'll only be running IEMS (dm6 + p1's). Reason is because my laptop 3.5mm has considerable noise. I need something that doesn't have a battery or the battery can be bypassed when plugged in as it'll be plugged in 8-10 hours a day. Budget is around $150-200, used to have an SMSL idea which i lost, that was good but had crazy amount of driver issues.

You will want something with an output impedance at or below 2.5 ohms. The ifi nano black label falls in that budget and is a fairly solid all-rounder. The only issue is very very sensitive iem's may have some hiss on the standard output. If you move to the iem match side of things it jumps to 4 ohms which will mess with your DM6's frequency response. Audioquest Dragonfly Black isn't a bad choice but I'm not familiar with the 1.5 version out now, I have a 1.2 which outputs more voltage. I don't get much usable volume when paired with my K10. FiiO Q1 should work and charge simultaneously but I would validate that. I use a KANN Cube for this purpose these days but that is a bit outside of your budget.