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A simple review of Vibro's new Earphone

In some recent posts, I mentioned that I would be getting my hands on the new @VibroLabs Earphone. I finally received Luke's latest offering and have been putting it through it's paces all morning. I took some time to write my initial impressions of this reference IEM, and posted it to head-fi. You can find my review here:
Please feel free to comment. Let me know if this is interesting or you think I'm just full of cowpie. I would love to see Earphone offered on Massdrop to get it out to the audiophile community as much as possible. I think it's a phenomenal product and would recommend it highly given the modest price point and above-par sound signature.
Below are some images of the Earphone:



Ordered mine a few days ago, now the wait ;)
They do look beautiful.
Just a great set of IEM's. Now that I have them fully stretched out, they are my most versatile headphone I own. Because of their neutrality and great design they can be EQ'd to pretty much any sound signature you want without distortion, bloating, or sibilance. I can't say enough great things about Vibro's products.
I think what The Earphone offers in terms of pure performance is amazing ... not just at this price point. Neutral with just the right amount of "fun", this is a really well balanced design and definitely would make a great "drop"!
Looks like a Fitear ToGo 334
They look very interesting... A couple questions: How good is the isolation? Would they work well for long flights? Are they comfortable exercising, walking, etc.? Does the sound ever seem exhausting?
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I actually own the Lyra 2. That is a great IEM but it lacks overall clarity compared to the Earphone. Yet, inherently, you'll not get as large a bottom end in the Earphone due to the BA setup. For me, I prefer the clarity and so I find myself going to Vibro's product over CA's.
Very interesting. I think my next purchase might be to Vibro Labs.