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Any idea on if drop will ever start repairing MD+ iems?

I have a pair of Massdrop Plus iems and while they've gone through a lot of use, they're still in great condition. Recently, one of the shells developed a hairline crack in them, and while they're still completely functional, I preferred to have them repaired before the shell was damaged any further. I contacted drop support about if I could initiate repair but I was told that because I'm out of the warranty period, there's nothing that they could do. I mentioned that I was willing to pay out of pocket for repair as well but the answer stayed the same. Honestly, it's extremely frustrating that drop charges $300 USD for a product, yet the moment the one-year warranty is over, they absolutely refuse to even think about repairing or servicing one of their products. Basically, if your iems break. all you can do is either live with having a broken, non-functional product or buy the whole thing altogether again. I don't think I'm being unreasonable in purchasing a several hundred dollar product and being extremely unsatisfied with how little drop is willing to stand behind the quality of their products. When my only options are to keep a broken pair of iems, spend another three hundred dollars, or invest in a custom reshell that would cost more than the iems are themselves, I think that's pretty pathetic. Does anyone have any idea on if drop will ever service out-of-warranty products or give an option of purchasing an extended warranty?
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Try optoma/nuforce, they are the one's who manufactured the unit and would be more than likely the best option for repair. Drop doesn't do the manufacturing themselves, they partner with existing operations. They are fairly active on here so maybe @Jyri can help.
Sorry Jyri, was thinking of the EDC
Aug 20, 2019
ElectronicVicesNot a problem at all.
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