About Onkyo portable DAC/Amps and media players

Around a year ago I had to part with my HA-300 due to financial constraints, and having recently browsed around looking for one second hand I noticed their availability has drastically decreased, both new and used. The few (pre-owned) I have found are roughly double the price I was able to get when selling mine, and I'm sure prices have risen in stores also. Even more surprisingly, at least to me, the portable media players they released following on from the HA-200/300, which were readily available just over a year ago, seem to have completely disappeared off the market, with barely any being sold second hand. So, anyone have any idea why this has happened? I'm guessing their production was discontinued, but I find it fairly puzzling that they'd do so, they appeared to have been well liked and received. And if anyone has such a device - whether DAC/Amp or portable media player - they'd want to sell, please do hit me up.


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