Drop + Degnan Emrose Folding Knife
Sep 13, 20197601 views

Designing a folder you can't refuse

Hey everyone, Emrose represents a couple ‘firsts’ for Drop: It’s our first knife inspired by a stiletto blade profile, our first knife with inlays in the handle, and our first time working with Matt Degnan. The history of the stiletto dates back a long time, but their popularity in the modern era can be attributed to US soldiers returning home from Europe, and subsequent depictions in movies as the go-to knife for (Italian) gangsters. Naturally, that made every rebellious teenager in the 1950s want one more. Most people think of these knives as ‘switchblades’ and for the most part, they’re right - that’s one more reason why Emrose stands out: it opens manually via flipper tab, instead of automatically via spring as an “out-the-side” (OTS) or “out-the-front” (OTF) folder. While the stiletto does have some rather unsavory history in its origins, Emrose is a highly refined design that is much less likely to conjure those images many people have of little black switchblades. With anodized titanium liners and micarta or carbon fiber inlays, this presents more like a gentleman’s folder. Originally the stiletto was long and pointy with a little edge, made for knights in combat aiming to stab through each other’s armor. Emrose keeps the long, straight, slender design elements of yesteryear, but trades the thin tip for a full edge that’s really useful for common tasks like trimming threads, slicing food, opening letters and packages, etc. Matt was a pleasure to work with and I think he did an incredible job updating a classic profile for modern everyday carry. We hope you like the result. Let us know what you think in the discussion! Carry On — Jonas Heineman Drop Studio Team, Blades/EDC

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need to see more sides of this knife
Just about 2 weeks left on the preorder!
Nicely, done!! Definitely want one for my collection.
I want one!
I'm a sucker for Micarta
I love this blade, where can I get this beautiful piece!
preorder is live!
Love it! The brass ano. The micarta (brass ano and corbon fiber would be dope also). if the blade stock isnt too thin i would buy it. make it d2 and titanium scales or s30v and aluminum scales to keep the price down.
.120 blade, 2.2 ozs!
Personally not a fan of the appearance at all - to me it visually screams 'flea market special' Example: $12 from eBay when you search 'stiletto folder'

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Thanks! I really like the black titanium with carbon fiber inlays!
The matte black/CF version does indeed look better - one thing I'd prefer still is for the custom pivot screw design to be on the "presentation side" instead of seeing the torx slot
Could we please have less knives, and more actually useful real ultralite hiking & camping gear? What has happened to Drop? Knife after knife after knife after knife after knife - one is quite enough thanks, and they don't even ship internationally. Can we please return to gear that is actually relevant to ultralite? Zpacks, HMG, MLD, Evernew, ... Packs, stoves, quilts, headlamps, parkas, ...
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Ha! But 10 items out of 26 in the Sept 17th mailout are knives, and can't even be bought from an international address (Korea). And 5 are earphones or headphones, Almost nothing specifically outdoor, which is my sole community choice. (I must say though that the DCF Nero pack from Zpacks is proving an excellent Drop buy). Let's see, if I have a knife in each hand and one in the mouth (cutless style), how do I deploy the other 7? By juggling? Is Drop anticipating a complete breakdown of law and order? Or fostering it?
The "Blades" community was eliminated, which is why all the knives are now in other categories.
I thought it said "Vegan" on the blade for a second, got confused and strangely excited about what vegans might possibly want with a dagger blade. Looks nice!
Looks more like a drop-point than a dagger... daggers generally have a symmetrical blade profile. If "Italian switchblade" isn't the image you were hoping to conjure, the symmetrical grip and waved handguard are a pretty weird choice. This looks like a modernized Italian switchblade, but without the switchy part that makes switchblades fun. Aside from the really odd design choices (based purely on your description), the knife looks neat.
I based the design off of an old stiletto!
Looks nice but I wish it was a little smaller.
Looks nice but I wish it was a little bigger.
So would this be a “gentleman’s” dagger? Do gentlemen *dag*?
Duh. "Have at thee!"
This style of knife tends to be very popular. The Drench from Shannon Carter and the Arch Nemesis from Brian Nadeau are two examples. I may have missed the production company that will be making them, but if it is one of the Chinese powerhouses, like Reate or WE, this will likely be a winner. Matt's work is not one of the absolute most sought after in the custom world, but he is certainly in the next tier. He does great work. I have high hopes for this one.
That looks fantastic... kinda agree with the email of something I can't refuse.
OK... I'm probably not going to be 'popular' with what what I perceive this knife as, but here it goes. This is a knife for the....., uh...., "Martini" crowd as opposed to the "Beer" crowd. It's not dainty, but definitely not robust. I can't see anyone cutting up card board, heavy twine, or cutting someone's seat belt to save the driver from a submerging vehicle. This is more like opening a letter, trimming a loose thread, or managing a hang-nail. Will probably be a good looking knife, it's just not my style. Now watch... When it does come out, I'm probably gonna join the 'Drop, LOLOLOL.
Don't think I've ever had a martini, but I have had plenty of beers! Cheers!
Very interesting. I believe a minor adjustment to the choil/guard and you have a winner here. Please consider making the choil/thumb guard symmetrical. In other words, keep the flipper tab with jimping as is, and make the other side a mirror image without jimping. I think you may find it adds interesting deployment functionality.
Definitely the 'micarta' scales provide this unusual knife a better look compared to the 'wood' scales. Makes it a bit more, how to explain.... vintage military looking perhaps? I like that! (referring to the pictures on @degs Instagram account)
There are going to be a few options. 3 different micarta colors, and 3 with Carbon Fiber. (None have wood)
Indeed I just realized that there are no wood scales; from afar on my monitor the red/ocre micarta looked like wood!
Do you already know the size?
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4" inches, If i am going to have a dagger, make it a dagger
"dagger" officially removed
Great concept and I like the result. Looking forward to discover other pictures.
Check out my Instagram @degsblades
That is great, love the idea.
It needs a Deep pocket clip for sure. Nice design, I would like to see maybe a textured handle for grip, at least the inserts. As well as maybe where your thumb rests when the blade is opened. Wet hands slick knife,🚑,, need some traction. I would buy 2 for sure.
The pocket clip carries pretty deep. Check out my Instagram for more pictures. @degsblades
Real quick so how long is this supposed to be overall and just blade length
7.4” overall, 3.2” blade.
Add a reversible deep carry pocket clip and I'm all yours!
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Although I haven't taken one apart yet, I'm sure you could always have someone modify it for you
Although I haven't taken one apart yet, I'm sure you could always have someone modify it for you
Hey, I just wanted to give a big thanks to all who decide to chime in on this thread. I’ll check in often to answer any questions.
Awesome, love Matt's work, I'll be buying a couple of these!!
I'd love to see the flippers reversed, so that it would have some small wave action. Maybe even jimping on the flipper, too. And a strong second for removing the word "dagger". Knife laws are stupid, but they're the law.
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If the curves of the "guards" were swapped, it would be easier to open: the finger flipper on the back wouldn't be pushing on the point, and the flippers on the front could catch on the edge of my pocket. Any chance of that change happening?
The flipper opens with the rounded portion of the blade with jimping. There will be more pictures posted soon, or head to my Instagram page for a few early teasers. @degsblades
This is an awesome design and the designer is a stellar guy. Make sure the manufacturer does their absolute best work on this one.
Yeah Degnan is super cool, I had a brief interaction with him I think on Bladeforums after mentioning that I wasn't carrying my Guru to work due to all the grit and sawdust. He gave me some tips and a little confidence boost on the durability of the bearings and whatnot, it was nice. The Guru became a present for my brother and as far as I know he loves it. He also got one of my (3) first-run Gents.
You do make me happy from time to time Formerly Known as Mass Drop ,you put some time and effort into something many don't care about and so many simply act as dropships to distribute , knives. I understand that you work with Chinese companies ( well regarded ones at that) and some are bothered by that (and I can't argue with them their points are valid at times) but I see it as a chance to obtain not a custom knife, but an existing or new design from a custom maker. Custom maker's designs have been and currently are available. The problem with regularly available custom designs is that many times they fall to companies that go for low price /mass sale leaving us with neutered renditions ,sub standard in material and quality ( oddly though not with Formerly Mass Drop, bravo!). So weather I buy one or not I appreciate the time invested in something many regard as an odd niche hobby, the wonderful kinda hard to explain world of knives. P.S. You may want to look into a false edge option there's a lot of idiotic laws in the ,um wonderful world of knives (at least in it's state legal systems).
Who is the manufacturer?