New to Audiophile type headsets

After researching for weeks and learning quite a bit. I'm realising it all varies down to personal preference but I still would like recommendations. Especially those who have used or owned the ones I am in between.
m50x, dt 770 pro and sr 80e
Honestly, I am not 100% set on these options and I am open to what anyone has to say. I listen to Korean Pop, Soundtracks / Scores, Classical, the occasional rock / screamo. I would like closed back or an open back that defers background noise (I have yippy dogs) it doesn't necessarily have to be noise cancelling. I will be using these at a desk and gaming. Past headsets I have owned have all been Logitech and I currently use the g430. I do already have a mod mic 5 a friend is willing to sell me for cheap. Current price range is 200 but might be willing to go up if something strikes my fancy. Or possibly an amp if it helps listening abilities.
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Nov 10, 2017
Heard of the m50x, owned a DT770Pro (250ohm version) (also bought the same DT770 pro for my brother), but I've never heard of SR 80e.
DT770Pro (80ohm) is a little too bassy for my liking but it doesn't really need an amp while the 250 it's cleaner, but certainly needs a decent push.
Between the AT and the Beyers', I'd recommend the Beyer because I believe it's a better sounding pair and a lot more comfortable to wear.
Before you spend the money, please do yourself a favour and test them all out.
Hope that helps.
Nov 3, 2017
honestly, music and headphones are so subjective. I personally have been rocking the AKG m220 (mass drop headphones) for over a year now for both music and gaming. but that being said you might end up hating my headphones.
go to a pro audio shop (Long and McQuade comes to mind) and try them out. find out what ones of the 3 you like and buy that one (or all three)
If you happen to have a more disposable income, actually buy them one at a time and use them through out the "refund window" and either return it if you dont like it or keep it.
Nov 2, 2017
Thank you all, I decided I was going to get the dt 770 pro mainly for comfort and a Magni 3 from Schiit.
I agree with Juka. Unless you plan on upgrading to harder to drive headphones soon a more basic DAC/amp combo will work just fine.
Nov 5, 2017
You should get the dt880 instead, the dt770 has nasty peaks. If u can stretch your budget get one of the Fostex TH variants as it will compliment your musical tastes.
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Nov 1, 2017
Hello there I have owned all three of these headphones myself and all have good and bad points. for the music you have listed I would probs go with the sr80e but it is open and will let sound in just the nature of the beast with opens. I think the m50x is a slight downgrade to the others in terms of sound quality imo I found it sounded less clear than the other 2. If you need isolation then dt770 is the best option and super comfortable go with a low ohms version. Just for comparison I started out with an astro a50 and all 3 are a big step up from that.
Nov 1, 2017
would be worth noting that grado's are open back and the others are closed. the dt770 is fairly v shaped (recessed mids emphasized bass and treble) while the grados are mid forward and the m50x is relatively neutral as far as comfort goes my dt880's are fairly comfortable and my friend who has the m50x wears his for extended periods of time. grados are not necessarily known for comfort but buying "L" cushions may improve the comfort as far as isolation goes the grados lose by quite a bit. they will not isolate at all the dt770s will isolate a fair amount as shown here even more so than the m50x
Nov 1, 2017
Given where you're coming from (Logitech g430), all three of them will be a big step in the right direction.
I realize you're already aware of this, but I'll still mention that the first two are circumaural (covers the ears, pads fit against your head) while the latter is an on-ear (pads sit on your ears). They're really different listening experiences. If you're trying to differentiate between them in order to choose the one that's right for you, that's the place I'd start. Do you want a set that's circumaural or on-ear?
I'm afraid that's as far as I can go. The cartilage in my right ear is about half torn through, so I can't use on-ear headphones at all. A couple of minutes in, it feels like I'm being stabbed in the ear. But I know people who swear by their Grados. It's a pity I can't really try them.
If you wind up getting one of the circumaural pairs, one thing I try to point out to everyone is that the fit of the headphones can be customized after the fact. Both the Audio Technicas and the Beyerdynamics have replaceable ear pads. If you like the sound but you're not 100% happy with the fit, consider replacing the ear pads with something different. (I've got extra-thick wedged hybrid velour/pleather pads on my headset. Only way I can keep them from touching that @%$! right ear of mine.)
Best of luck on your quest!