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Why i can't buy the US version if i live in EU?

There seems to be a massive price difference between the same item sold for US & some other specific countries vs. the ones for EU. For example take the Sennheiser HD 6XX at 220$ for US with an extra 15$ for outside of US but only to specific countries and 280$ for EU countries. This seems like a complete robbery, especially when there are already countries in Europe where the US version can be purchased and delivered for 15$. What exactly justifies the price difference? Not to mention they are manufactured in EU by an EU brand in the first place...

Nov 4, 2019
I would believe it's so you don't pay custom taxes (though the EU price is always higher)... I bough my 6xx and pc37 (EU version) and no issues with customs as they are shipped from NL. Remember you will pay custom taxes on outside EU products, and a 250 USD in custom taxes would raise them almost to 350 :(
The only difference between the EU-specific product pages and the non-EU product pages is that the EU-specific ones ship from our warehouse in the EU and include VAT, so they will arrive faster if you live in the EU and you won't have to pay VAT separately. The reason why the pages are separate is due to how our logistics system handles fulfillment. We know it's confusing; it's one of the things that we will be addressing in the coming year.
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