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Do I need an amp for these?


May 22, 2021
They like power. However they still play nice with generally anything. I usually just plug them into my laptop when I'm away from my rig, and they do alright
May 27, 2020
Do you need an amp? technically no...but they will sound very thin without a headphone amplifier
May 22, 2020
I run em on a Schiit Magni3 and Modi. they sound better on high gain vs low gain.
Apr 14, 2020
I think more important is a DAC. You are buying $900 headphones. They are going to sound terrible if you use a terrible source. It is worth spending a little extra to make them sound good. A good stand-alone amp can help, but an integrated one is fine. I recommend a stick DAC/Amp integrated unit like the AudioQuest DragonFly. You can plug it directly into your phone or computer and it doesn't require any additional power. Think of it as part of your new high-end USB headphones.
Aug 1, 2020
droppingTo be precise, the DragonFlys are DAC/pre-amps, not amplifiers unto themselves. The Apogee Groove would be a better example of an all in one DAC/amp that is quick, small and easy,
Mar 27, 2020
These are power hungry. Probably. You can get pleasing sound off a good smartphone or a DAP. That would not be my first option. Or second option; the more power the better. I've used these with a Galaxy smartphone, a FiiOs M11 -portable DAP, which according to Z-Reviews (on youtube) has more power than the M11 pro. I have plugged them into my Denon receiver which is fed by an OPPO disc player. Also, have them in a counter-top set-up and it is just not the same as listening to them as having this plugged into the THX AAA 789. Without knowing your listening habits or desired endstate, its hard to say. If you like low volume delicate sound, maybe. Probably not. There are some really good options out there, over the ear and earbuds. I really like my Ether CX's and they do sound great on my DAP, but my DAP does not get the same result as my home set-up. So to answer the question, in my opinion, yes. They need a clean source and amplification.
Mar 10, 2020
YES, they are not picky but in general ive used the E1DA and it was fine, it also works with any thx amp well, ive also tried it with the JDS atom. There is a difference running balanced to single ended outside of volume, even on the same amp, so single ended is good, balanced is better.
Jan 22, 2020
Absolutely, these require all the power you can throw at it. I plugged these straight into a PC today and it sounded like ass. Throw in an amp and it's phenomenal.
Nov 10, 2019
Yes, but every source you use has an amp. They run OK off a portable audio player or phone but generally will sound their best with more power
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