Question for 58X owners..

Do any of y'all go ahead and buy the 6XX after buying the 58X just because you're interested in the differences in the sound? I just bought the 58X but after reading reviews on both, I find myself longing to hear the 6XX as well. Thoughts? Cheers!
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Jan 10, 2020
I've spent a lot of time with both and now only own the 58x. 650's are more smooth/liquid and 58X has better attack and more energy. 58X is more exciting, 650 is more laid back. 650 is vocal forward and everything else steps back, while 58X has more even separation and better representation and clarity/detail of other instruments. Stock for stock, I prefer 650, but my 58X is modded with medium-soft stiffness felt behind the driver, like all other Sennheiser headphones have, and my 58X are much preferred over the 650 with the mod and EQ to fix what the felt takes away. I recommend looking into Oratory eq as a start, and try the felt mod. Look it up on reddit, should find the audiosciencereview guide to mod the 58x. Very simple and reversible. 58X set up how I have them are a forever headphone for me, 6xx wasn't worth keeping. Keep in mind, this is with trying multiple different amps and dacs as well, budget to high-end gear.
Nov 11, 2019
It’s a common ailment, you will need a dose of something to cure it. I have listened to the 58X & 660 and own the 580, 600 & 700. Interestingly,, not the 65X nor 650... Depending on what you have to drive them amp-wise would be part of the determination as well. The best I can say is ‘yes’,, in that picking one of the higher numbers will broaden your listening pleasure. I just finally started to listen to my vintage 600’s on my 300B amp with an R-2R and the attack (transient) is very nice compared to the 580’s. This is now 300 ohm cans with a lot of headroom in the power department, even though not matched in output ohms. So... if you have the amp,, Vive la difference! Best write-up on this specific conundrum;)
Nov 11, 2019
SMSL never owned, got the vibe about reliability, though they say it has gotten better. I have not gotten a high powered SS amp, went tube after finally hearing a true SET... Plan is to balance things with a solid state having crazy headroom, now that I understand it (thanks to Jackula) such as the Audio-gd HE-9 (used;) or some model under it,, and then came along this THX 789 with the new, clean & powerful, driver chip sets... at such a low price... a conundrum... so still enjoying my 300B, with that capacitor bank on the side, makes a diff w/cans or speakers,, headroom... or headspace:))
Nov 11, 2019
Awesome. I had initially wanted the 789 but early indicators on the SMSL was it was going to be better than the 789 so I was eyeing it. Will definitely be grabbing a 4.4 balanced cable for the 58X. That was one of the reasons that sold me on the Zen as opposed to the FiiO K5 Pro for what's essentially going to be a placeholder until i make the move up. It boasts a true balanced output and I already have all 4.4 balanced cables for each of my IEM's. I'm just hoping my Q5 will drive the 58X's well as it's my on-the-go amp/dac ha!