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How many keyboard in average every droper owns here?

I am newbie, and discovered a completely new hobby. In short month, I already bought 5 keyboards since I joined here. Am I weird, needs to talk to my doctor about it? :)

Aug 7, 2021
Two normal consumer keyboards (one 100%, one TKL), one keycap set that didn't come on the keyboard itself (got it from Massdrop in 2017, yes before the rebrand :) ). Waiting for parts for my first custom keyboard—Kyria—to arrive. The 100% is Ducky Shine 3 which I got in 2013 (my first mech keyboard), the TKL is Durgod Taurus K320 that I got in 2018. Soo, looks like it's me who's an oddball here :D
Nov 21, 2019
I have 17 boards. I've lost track of how many keysets I have at this point. That said I'm currently in the process of deciding what to part with. It's just too much stuff at this point.
Nov 21, 2019
If you asked how many keyboard parts I have......
Nov 15, 2019
Let's see, I have actively:
  1. Ducky One Mini 2 (60%)
  2. Vortex Tab 90m
  3. Varmilo VA87m
  4. Drop Alt
Older keyboards which I've swapped various components on include:
  1. Ducky Shine 6
  2. Coolermaster Quickfire
Hobbies are good, welcome brother/sister!
Nov 15, 2019
jorofin1relatively expansive hobby :)
Nov 15, 2019
kikashyMy wallet has known true pain, but I'd do it again. It's not like I'm currently browsing groupbuys for GMK keycap sets for my alt...
Is this a keyboarders anonymous meeting?
Nov 13, 2019
i got to a point where i had mutiples of each size. worst was about 19 keyboards, like 2-3 each of 60%, tkl, full size, different themes, different colors, different keycaps, etc, etc, etc. now i sold them all and just kept my CTRL, a full sized cherry black and a full sized cherry blue for work. i am finaly liberated, or so i thought until i started buying artisan keycaps for the CTRL LOL. down the rabbit hole i go again......
Nov 13, 2019
NYalexSo after all, you still stuck in rabbit hole. Seems like my future lol
Nov 13, 2019
started with the cmstorm stealth, Now I'm at 4. The latest being the Klippe T R3 from Mekanisk. Also have the new Rama m65-b on order.
Started with a CM Storm, moved onto a Corsair K70, then a Ducky Shine 2, following with a Pok3r which suckered me into the 60% rabbit hole. These were bought between the span 2015 -> 2017 while I was in college. Fast forward, and I purchased a GK64 and shortly afterwards got an itch to build my first custom which was a Tofu from KBDfans. Then got into the topre game and then even more mid to high end customs. Currently sitting at around ~20ish boards now errrrrr, @Kevnwin, @jennychin and @han can all back me up on poor decisions. Don't ask about my camera and shoe collection either please.
I love me some shoes. Keep me posted.
Nov 20, 2019
SpencerLI have an Anne Pro II, Magicforce 68 bluetooth thing(smart 2), Das Keyboard Ultimate 4, and, I think, a Keycool 84 2S and a Das Keyboard 4C Professional. I had a Cooler Master M and a Magicforce keypad, but I sold the two of them to a coworker for $40....I just couldn't stand to use them. I am trying to get rid of the 4C and the 84 2S at the moment. I despise the switches on the 4C and I hate the layout on the 84 2S. So, yeah, I have 3 that I plan on holding on to for a long time, but 5 at the moment, I think. The Anne Pro II, Magicforce 68, and Das Keyboard Ultimate 4 are the only ones that I have at home. All of the others are in a drawer at work.
Before I joined, I had a Poker and a Ducky Shine 5. They were great for getting me into the hobby. After I started, I built my first 60% Acrylic Tofu. I now have 7 fully custom keyboards which are each unique in their own ways. I also have easy too many keycaps and switches for future builds ready. I haven't asked for help... yet.
KevnwinAlready 7? Keep that collection growing my man!
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