Best Win10 app for Qobuz & Tidal subscriptions + local library playback?

Howdy! I have subscriptions to Tidal and Qobuz and want access to my local library of music, all in one program. I've been using Audirvana on trial and really like it so far but is there a better application out there for a sort of, "all-in-one?" I use UAPP on my mobile and love how everything is set up and was curious if there was something comparable for Windows 10 besides Audirvana. Thanks in advance, y'all!
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I tend to just run DLNA/uPnP and it works for me. Use AK Connect app as my Cube is a commonly used endpoint but with those protocals many apps work. HEOS is also used for casual listening when the AVR is involved but most of these products play pretty well together. They just arent as slick or as comprehensive as Roon. Although for some weird reason Roon won't play well with WMA lossless and my digital cd rips date back to before FLAC was common. Eventually they will all get re-ripped but thats a lot of man hours at roughly 500 discs. Edit: Appears the WMA issue may be for those who ripped with DRM on... will need to explore this further to determine if Roon truly can't pass along WMA lossless.
@MarkSubsonik If you don't mind spending a bunch, I highly recommend Roon. It handily deals with large local libraries, and has full Tidal and Qobuz integration. The server runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. There are playback clients for the main three OS as well as iOS and Android. It is very awesome if you've got a MQA DAC too, as it is smart enough to handle doing things like volume leveling and crossfeeds without screwing up the MQA signaling. I personally run an instance in Docker on Linux, with my playback clients running on Windows, Mac, and ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi4). The only thing it is missing is external streaming. It can only stream to local endpoints (on net), not a remote like Plex does for video. Edit: One of the larger benefits in the Roon client/server setup is the ability to put low cost hardware wherever you want to have a DAC, instead of having to have your playback hardware be the same as your decode (or transcode if you're upsampling, high order filtering, or going to DSD). Run a server in a room that isn't your primary playback location, then slap something small (like a Raspberry Pi4 running Ropieee) in the place where your dac/amp setup is. Do this in as many rooms as you want audio, and you're set. Heck, do it in the same place you have your computer, and you can have a DAC that will continue playback even though the computer is off or rebooting. Assuming that computer isn't the server, that is. It supports simultaneous playback too, so if you have multiple users in the house, everyone can enjoy their own tunes. Or you can have multiple locations in the house doing synchronized playback. So that receiver in the living-room can be blasting the same goodness as the amp in the bedroom, for full coverage. I bought Audirvana right before I found Roon. Totally regretted it, I pretty much never use it any more.
Yeah, I noticed the price raise. I'm rather glad I bought the lifetime when I did. Best audio streaming and playback software available. If only they'd add proper authentication and the ability to do external streaming like Plex. I'd love to be able to stream from my home library when I'm out and about. Oh well, features to look forward to.
Nov 25, 2019
Totally just learned about Roon last night while doing a bit of digging on the topic and it looks fantastic. But you're right, there's a good amount of money involved with it. I think I may have found an expensive hobby, that's for sure ha. It looks great though and I'll more than likely make the move over to it soon. Thanks for all the great info, y'all
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