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Mobile Headphone Amp with Bluetooth Input

I would like to see a headphone/earbud amplifier with dac that can use the latest spec Bluetooth as its input. Wired inputs as an option would be nice but my main interest is using a mobile device with Bluetooth and wired headphones. Maybe including a dac is redundant for Bluetooth? What do you think? Is there already something available?
SalehSami and 1 other

Fiio is coming out with a Q5 and Q3 that will have Bluetooth as an input along with USB and line and all that jazz. It's not currently out yet. But it's supposed to be out soon from what I've read.
I've been using a Sound Blaster E5 for a while. My personal pros are that it's pretty feature-rich, cons are that I've had battery/charging issues (it's either really good or terrible), low quality integrated mic no matter what settings I've got it on, and only low to average Bluetooth range. If I were to be in the market for another, I wouldn't avoid it, but I'd check competitors. I consider it to be overpriced, but it should be a good start for research and a viable option overall.