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Best Drop gaming headphones?

Hey friends, I've been using the SHP9500s with the vmoda boompro for a few years and love the combo. Figured it was time to check in on the latest and greatest. What's the communitys favorite headphones for gaming that now? Built in mic, compatible with the boompro, or < $20 mic attachment preferred.
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Ayyy. A fellow SHP and Boom pro user
While I'm a tremendous proponent of standard headphones for gaming, the Audeze Mobius is supposedly an amazing gaming headset (I believe HyperX partnered and released a branded version for themselves as well, the Cloud Orbit S). On a budget: AKG K7XX/712 is amazing because it has a super wide presentation. But if we are being honest, any really good open headphones will serve you well. Like rastus said, for instance, the HD700 is probably fantastic. I personally use a variety, but for fun it's my LCD2Cs and for precision it's the AKG 702 65ths. Also boom mics aren't as needed these days with decent desk solutions from Audio Technica or Blue.
Dec 4, 2019
Not a gamer, but a spatial listener, love accurate placement, the mis-maligned HD700 excels at this, unless you have the budget for some HD800... and yes, you will need to add a mic. HD700 owner, and this is what I would do, if I were to buy one of the new tempting sub warfare games. Used deal: Sound card: Swap-in a MUSES02 for the headphone out (many fakes, buy from certified dist.):
rastusRastus my friend, have you had the opportunity to give Arya a listen. My binaural tracks are pretty jaw dropping on this thing.
Jan 6, 2020
ElectronicVicesSorrily no... have to get out more,, did find some better headphone shops in NYC that look promising; as in being able to sit in a quiet setting, to listen with decent sources.
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