Dec 8, 201757 views

drop for the HiFiMan headphone earpads?

I'd like to try the other earpads available for the HiFiMan headphones? There are 4 options on their website and they're all compatible with the 3xx and 4xx series headphones you've had Massdrop specials for. can we create a drop where we can receive a pack with each option?

well, I would just like the options and savings for all the earpad options for my 350's and the 4xx's just ordered. :)
I have got a new headphone recently. Maybe it's useful for your choice. btw, I would like to choose Dekoni hybrid pads
I second this, the foam Dekoni uses is amazing. I hope they come out with HE hybrid pads.
I would like angled Dekoni hybrid pads for the HE HiFiMan series. The other Dekoni MassDrop pads are successful I think this would be too.