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USB-C Port glitchy AF on my Drop SHIFT, arrrrgh help

As above, my keyboard routinely drops connection with my computer; I've tried three different computers, they're not the issue. It resolves itself after being "hard reset" (unplugged), but it's driving me insane because obviously it acts up more when I need it most. All drivers seem to be up to date, any thoughts? (I've also changed the cable, please ppl)

A couple things to help identify what's happening - are you using the provided cable, or a third party cable? And does the problem persist if the LEDs are turned off?
Jan 9, 2024
Are you using the absolute shortest cable you can get away with? The power draw on the Drop boards is insane. Coils, or lengths beyond just a few feet, can cause them to not receive enough juice to function properly
Jan 10, 2024
HarvestDayYes! The keyboard is 3 years old, no heavy use, and the cable is max 2' for home setup.
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