OPPO PM-3 w/ Style

I use closed back headphones for listening in an open office environment! A little over a year ago I was searching for Audio Nirvana (or as close as I could afford to come to it) by getting a new pair of headphones! My search lead me to the OPPO PM-3, which, as far as I could tell, were the perfect headphone for me! Beyond being hailed as the best closed back headphone for under $1000, they had models that were simply elegant and beautiful in design! I fell in love with the Blue Steel model! Unfortunately, life events prevented me from pulling the trigger at the time, and between then and now, it appears they have discontinued all but the black model! I can only assume that they determined it wasn’t worth the extra cost to manufacture the various styles. I’m really curious if a MassDrop Made drop or a group buy would be enough to resurrect these beauties?!?!?
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Jan 14, 2018
Great review of the PM-3 over on innerfidelity.
Jan 8, 2018
I own a pair of these ( blue with white leather). I consider them to be highly overrated although they haven't gotten dirty at all (I use them only at my desk, much like you). Honestly I'd listen to my 60 dollar tfz exclusive 5 over these any day of the week. Unless you're chasing balanced neutrality and detail, these simply are underwhelming. Comfort and build quality is really nothing special at that price.
Also, I believe you're referring to the wirecutter article on closed back phones, which at this point is pretty old. They still haven't looked at the blue Lola, which I also own and like better than the oppo. And right now, the consensus best closed back under 1k is probably mrspeakers aeon, claiming the oppo is the best under 1k is nonsense, plain and simple. The planar driver in the oppo is just too small to have the bass slam or have it dig real deep and it doesn't EQ well at all.
I ordered mine from Amazon, and I'd recommend that idea for a 30 day return policy, or you can buy mine after by glowing review of them....
Dec 10, 2017
I would just go for the blacks, white leather can get pretty dirty and possibly get a yellowish tint from sweat (extreme case)