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Astell&Kern or Fiio M11/Pro

Dec 16, 20193570 VIEWS
The Fiio M11/Pro has a ton of newer features but would the Astell&Kern KANN or SR15 be cleaner or more powerful? They're both cheaper than the Pro version now.

I own a Kann Cube, and a Fiio X3ii and an M6... so not spot on what you are looking at. I love my AK, it has become my primary source over my TEAC and destroys the other two players. If you need the power the Kann series is hard to beat. I bought mine as it was the only DAP that could power all of my 30+ pairs without issue. The only thing it isn't the best with is sub 16 ohm IEMs. The Cube can even power my HE6se to reasonable levels (high gain 125/150 volume)
None of those take much to power so I'm not sure if either the OG KANN or new Cube will be of benefit to you. An expensive DAP was very low on my priority list as I don't think the return is as good as it is with desktop products. I focused on features first and sound 2nd. The KANN Cube met all of my requirements outside of dual sd card slots and LDAC. The sound was a nice bonus. Proper power and impedance matching are more impactful than a "house sound" with DAP's IMO.
Dec 19, 2019
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