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58x a legit upgrade to 558 and 598?

Is 58x an upgrade over the 558 and 598 how much better if you had to give it a percentage? And I better serve going for the 6xx. Hated the 598 too little bass, 558 is better but still lack that Little bit of bass extension (not volume) and loses some clarity vs 598, both sound a bit too I'm looking for some more clarity overall but also a lil bit more bass then the 558.

Dec 17, 2019
My upgrade path was Sony MDR-V6 (2005) to Sennheiser HD-558 (2013) with Schiit Modi 1/Magni 1 to HD-650 (2014). When I upgraded to the 650s, I immediately noticed the much fuller low-end. Once I got used to the 650s, I couldn't go back to the 558s because they sounded so thin. For me, going from 558 to 650 was almost as big of a step up as from MDR-V6 to 558. 58X has more of a bass bump than the 6XX. Generally, if you listen to a lot of acoustic music or vocals, you will probably prefer the 6XX; if you listen to pop, EDM, hip hop, you will probably prefer the 58X.
jxliuTo build on this the upgrade to the 5 series is the 6 series... end of story. Started my HP addiction 12 years ago with the HD555... then HD650... 33 pairs later.... ;)
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