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AKG warranty handling in Germany is terrible

I purchased a pair of K7xx and tried to inquire if its possible to get AKG to handle the warranty in europe, eliminating the need to send them to the states, because, lets be honest, quality control on these headphones is terrible, and it really seems like every pair bought longer than a year ago is broken by now. my experience with akg service representatives was really terrible, getting contradicting information, some guys saying its a fake pair and not from akg, not being eligible for warranty at all, k7xx wouldn´t exist, only the pro department was able to handle the case and finally said pro department telling me, they would only handle warranty when the headphones are sold from their webstore, and the guy got salty, when i told him i was referred to him by harman XD so if you buy those headphones akg WILL NOT HANDLE THE CASE, and THEY WILL BREAK, since the terminal solder jobs are a joke. so be aware that drop will have to handle this, and you will be without your headphones for a prolongued period of time.


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