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Fidelio X2 or Sennheiser hd6xx for gaming and music listening?

These are the two options i have narrowed it down to, but if something in the same price range is better i would like to know about it too. I do not own a DAC/AMP and the headphones i am currently using is the Steelseries Siberia 200(Which isn't famous for their audio quality... ). I currently spend more time gaming than listening to music, but i want them to be at good at both. Build quality matters to me as well, and i would like the cans to last around/at least 2 years with daily use. I can always add a DAC/AMP later.

Hi there
Both headphones are great but for gaming x2 is better imo better soundstage more bass more treble. Also without an amp hd650/6xx will not sound it's best where as fidelio x2 is much easier to drive. If gaming is most important is go x2 I have them and also had the hd650 still have the x2 if that's anything to go by.
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I have never owned a pair of open-back cans. How much do they leak? I sit in a room with a closed door, is it possible to hear the leak through the door(at normal listening volumes)?
Should be fine mate!